'87 Power Antenna Replacement?

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  1. mgbeda

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    Jan 31, 2020
    Oxnard, CA
    So after tinkering, and taking it apart a bit, I found out my power antenna is doubly dead: It's electrically 100% dead (and it's not the limit switch) AND the toothed nylon cord is broken.

    What's the easiest replacement for these? (I'm assuming original parts are gone or cost a good percentage of what I paid for the car.) What have others done when their power antennas died?


  2. Aspen500

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    Feb 14, 2015
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    I've seen where others on here have used an aftermarket antenna with some success (I think). You could convert to a fixed mast assy fairly inexpensively as a last resort also.

    There's a used one on Ebay that's not too high priced.

    5TH AVE 1987 Antenna 79217 | eBay
  3. old yellow 78

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    Aug 28, 2015
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    I bought a very nice NOS Tri-Band power antenna from Marty Mopar. Good price and nice to deal with. You could try him. ;)
  4. BudW

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    Mar 4, 2012
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    Three options that I know of:
    - Find and replace with another factory power antenna – which are getting a bit hard to locate nowadays.
    - Find and retrofit with an aftermarket power antenna.
    - Retrofit car to a non-power antenna.

    Chrysler made a running change on the M-body power antennas somewhere in ’87 or ’88 (or so). The two are interchangeable if you have the correct chrome nut (on top of fender) and the chrome washer underneath it.
    The antenna fender hole is the same for all years FMJ’s – but the thread size of the power antenna motor got a lot smaller. I think the wiring to/from radio is also different (which is not that hard to change out).

    I have never been a fan of power antennas – even though I have changed out a good many of ‘em in my lifetime (not on my cars). I removed the power antenna from my ’86 Fifth Ave 2 years ago and installed a normal antenna in its place and have been happy.
    Any FMJ with manual antenna, the cable, base, fender nut and washer will all fit - if thinking about getting rid of having power antenna.
    Now with that said, if an FMJ with dealer-added radio could come with the normal antenna OR a cheap funky antenna that isn’t worth the time to remove. Just look at the fender top. If it has a chrome castle nut and chrome washer, with a screw-on solid mast – you are golden.
    If the base is black-plastic and looks round-ish (like ½ of a ball), then stay away.

    Mopar antenna bezel and cap nut 74 85 3501287 3501289 | eBay is a good example of both (but not the best picture).
    Both (of above parts) will work for non-power or older power antenna’s (but not the newer power). The newer one, the outside diameter of nut is the same, but the center threaded part is about ½ the size with a small hole.