New Showcase Comments

  1. SixBanger
  2. hemiman426
  3. Ed Dorey
    The keeper is finally in the garage and ready to become a 78 RT
  4. picklesgarage
    its amazing how much nicer it looks when all the crap is removed from under hood
  5. moonroof mirada
    your so kind thank you so much
  6. Shorty Thompson
    Prefer the wagon, but won't refuse the Volare'. Nice rides.
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  7. Bnielsen
  8. Bnielsen
  9. Bnielsen
  10. Bnielsen
  11. Davesmopar
    Yeah that might make a little over 200 HP .... wahahahahaha :D Gezzz that is a nice setup...... somebody's init to win it...... :)
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  12. hemiman426
    getting a 426 hemi,tunnel ram,16 plug
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  13. Davesmopar
    My son and I mounted my gauges in the radio opening and wired the lights.... [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH]
  14. Babybell
  15. SixBanger
    Nice cruiser around city. Like the rear setup. Specs of the car?
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  16. Shorty Thompson
    Okay , I'll start this off. You bought it as a roller. Got any cubes figured that your wanting to stuff it with ?
  17. greyghost
  18. Bnielsen
  19. Shorty Thompson
    Gonna get into street outlaw racing ?