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I am in Moorpark and have a 1985 5th Ave that I need to have go away. Do you have an interest in it? It is presently complete car with 8.25 limited slip 2.94, recently rebuilt front end, presently has non-lean burn system. Engine has bad head gasket.
Looking for bolt on headers for my '80 Mirada, any name or part number would be greatly appreciated ... Thanks
I could write a lot of emails in order to get the Q's answered. Any chance of getting your phone number and avoid all the typing? I'm in SE PA .
The base that it starts out on that bolts to the car is flat so that is not a problem. I found a printer that can do 12 inches by 12 by 12 so I think that might be large enough and if not make it in 2 pieces and glue together after. But need an original that can be scanned and the scan sent to the printer since it is just a computer code.