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It’s been a great “getting to know you” day. Fuel pump replaced, all fuel lines replaced, a mile of BS Emissions hoses cleaned up, A/C resealed and recharged, rear brakes adjusted, and several bush league repairs fixed. Time for her first shakedown cruise tomorrow!!
Wagon Proportioning Valve.
A few questions. Is it a Cast Iron Valve? And does the car have brake fluid in the system yet? Can you send me a picture of the valve if possible? would be willing to give you a few bucks if it what i need and has fluid in the valve. . And as you know it would be alot simpler to install the valve before the engine and trans are put in. Call or text Richard 1-715-370-2439
I will look at it tonight, it still has fluid. I'm removing it from the brake system & installing an adjustable valve. Brakes are working now, just setting it up for racing.
Hey everybody, hope you are well & safe. I recently acquired a 77 Charger, midnight ed.,400, gorgeous. Need wheelwell trim, any ideas? TYVM!