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I sent your codes again to your post.
If you would like to contact me directly in the future, my email is stewmasche@gmail.com
I bought the '79 road runner in my photo, new in June of '79, and have saved all the paperwork for it.
The car is unrestored with 109k miles, never winter driven.

Good luck with your R/T.
Well, after 7 weekends of tweaking and unrigging, I finally got out to my first Cars and Coffee cruise in this morning. I had the car purring, but had to screw with it, thinking I could get it better. It ran like Ass this morning. Got it squared away this afternoon, but it looks like I’m going to have to rebuild the AVS. God I hate Ethanol. Found a station nearby that sells Ethanol free gas.
It’s been a great “getting to know you” day. Fuel pump replaced, all fuel lines replaced, a mile of BS Emissions hoses cleaned up, A/C resealed and recharged, rear brakes adjusted, and several bush league repairs fixed. Time for her first shakedown cruise tomorrow!!
Wagon Proportioning Valve.
A few questions. Is it a Cast Iron Valve? And does the car have brake fluid in the system yet? Can you send me a picture of the valve if possible? would be willing to give you a few bucks if it what i need and has fluid in the valve. . And as you know it would be alot simpler to install the valve before the engine and trans are put in. Call or text Richard 1-715-370-2439
I will look at it tonight, it still has fluid. I'm removing it from the brake system & installing an adjustable valve. Brakes are working now, just setting it up for racing.