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  1. sheen
    79' volare, always needing something. (-_-)`
  2. Gator
    Gator Bridger Bollinger
    Does super coupe have good frame rails
    1. Bridger Bollinger
      Bridger Bollinger
      Yes the frame rails are good on it the rust is just on the quarter and I have the full quarter for it
      Jan 7, 2020
  3. craig markus
    craig markus volareandgtcat
    i live north side of warren
  4. craig markus
    craig markus volareandgtcat
    so we are contacted me but I am still better analog guy. I am challenged at digital i swear!!!!! ...anyway contact me. idk what u sent me. I hav 77 volare premier wagon
    Sales and technical support at Borgeson Universal Company.
  6. glennb49
    glennb49 79 360 Duster
    Does it run? Miles? Pictures of rust on exterior and interior shots. thanks Glenn.
  7. Chrysler Power
    Chrysler Power
    We now have our own vendor forum! We will be having our conversations in that forum as much as possible. Come join us in there. Thank You.
  8. lowbudget
    lowbudget Duke5A
    I looked through all the old posts and it looked like you said the widest tire on a stock rim is 235/60/R15 is this correct? I have 215/75 15's on my beater 5th. 225 70's on my concert cruiser 5th and I'm looking for the widest for my 79 Diplomat. Going up in rim size is not an option as my buddy just sold me the coolest rally type rims of an 81 LeBaron. Thanks Mike
    1. Duke5A
      It all depends on the width of those factory wheels. A 235-60-15 BFG Radial T/A is designed to be mounted on 6.5" to 8.5" rims, and 245 and 255 tires need a 7" rim width at a minimum.

      Those factory wheels are probably 7". Measure to be sure.

      255-60-15 tires fit nicely in the rear, but you might run into issues on the front if you stick with a 60 series tire.
      Sep 8, 2019
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    New shoes for the Volare
  10. IndieDippy
    current owner the the East Coast Classics Plymouth Gran Fury
  11. beatersRus
    beatersRus odcics2
    Odcics2 sold me some Sweet parts and shipped superfast,he is an awesome resource for all of us mopar guys,i would recommend him to everyone.
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  12. Bnielsen
    Bnielsen Bridger Bollinger
    What’s the super coupes need? Dose it run? To load?
    1. Bridger Bollinger
      Bridger Bollinger
      It needs a new home lol needs a steering column put in it
      Jan 7, 2020
  13. Bnielsen
    Bnielsen Bridger Bollinger
    Hi I was wondering if you still have the super coupes?
    1. Bridger Bollinger
      Bridger Bollinger
      I still have the supercoupes and a couple Aspens and wagons let me know what you are looking for
      Aug 5, 2019
  14. Tom Guilbault
    Tom Guilbault BudW
    New member. Can't find how to post. Help
  15. Tom Guilbault
    Tom Guilbault
    How do I post. New member
  16. slant6billy
    slant6billy BudW
    some spam snuk in
  17. drpreposterous
    drpreposterous Jonnyuma
  18. Oldiron440
    Oldiron440 Duke5A
    I saw you were going with the Dana on moparts and was wondering when you would post your axle for sale.
    Good luck I hope it moves fast.
    1. Duke5A
      Thanks. Even after I get the Dana back I've got a bunch of other stuff that needs to be done. I'm moving up to 1350 u-joints and I'll need to find a solution the e-brake cables. Don't know yet if I need to change the master cylinder yet, but the distribution block is going to need to be replaced. All this stuff I'll worry about in the Spring. Everything in this hobby snowballs.
      Dec 10, 2018
  19. Greg55_99
    Greg55_99 Opticon77
    If you get the chance, can you break out your tape measure and tell me what your front outside tire to outside tire figure is?

  20. shadow
    shadow NoCar340
    still got bellhousing looking fo IBR of 5.125 for od trans 4 440 also s b