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  1. jasperjacko
    Like the Cordoba. I would like to do an aero version and slope the front end using Mercedes sloped oval headlights and turn signals.
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  2. 76Aspen6pk
  3. Duke5A
  4. Duke5A
    Awesome! I'll second the like on the purple. Well done.
  5. Shorty Thompson
    I like the ram air idea . Never would've given that a 2nd thought , but I like it .
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  6. old yellow 78
    Very lucky to have hung on to it for all these years. Looks like a fun project and a nice car to begin with. Good luck and keep us posted!
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  7. JLN5thAve
    Looks good! Nice to see the stock wire rims still around.. I lost mine, and boy are the expensive to replace. Opera lights still work? Have to look at the tires I run on mine.. They are old but I remember I got an other-than-spec size, but...