New Showcase Comments

  1. Duke5A
    Damn I love t-top cars. Awesome!
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  2. Shorty Thompson
    Mine just went to it's new home yesterday. 57k on the clock.
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  3. 76B5
    Great looking car
  4. Bnielsen
  5. SixBanger
    Nice job on fitting that M dashboard on your car. Looks nice with that round dials.
  6. The Director
    The coupe Diplomats are awesome... they should've made them longer to be honest. Oh, and is it the angle of the picture, or are those current tires staggered?
  7. Davesmopar
    Mocking up the spool.... [ATTACH]
  8. Davesmopar
    All cleaned up, old studs removed.... [ATTACH] New studs threw out.... [ATTACH] Painted and ready for assembly.... This is a very slow process, very little time to work on it.... [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH]
  9. Davesmopar
    Here is the update on the 8.75 rear end rebuild/modified..... 67 Charger, 3.23 open diff, 741 case.... Basically I am using the housing and axles... [ATTACH] Went to my mopar buddies house (200 miles away) and dug this 489 case with 3.23 cone...