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  1. ZieglerSpeed
    ZieglerSpeed BudW
    How ya doin Bud. I see you were on here Monday. Haven't talked with ya for a while. I hope all is well, Tim Z
  2. Deleted member 1959
    Deleted member 1959 Joeychgo
    Hi Joey

    I would like to have my profile and all stored information deleted.
    Can you help me with this ?

    Claus Jensen (Toro67)
    So my Triplets made their Confirmation last night. So what did my one son and I do before the ceremony? Changed the fuel pump on the Volare.
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  4. me the plymouth
    me the plymouth
    im new on the site
  5. Slodoba
    Worked on Mopar Muscles Moby Doba project in 94-95
  6. Slodoba
    Original President of J-F-M bodies only Club in the 90s
  7. Millmech
    How do I post a question?
  8. Pierre Blais
    Pierre Blais BudW
    Message for bud !
    Do you have pairs off exhaust manifold Max ?
  9. Ricco Heatherly
    Ricco Heatherly
    Recently retired, so I'd like to get another car to tinker with. Would like a Diplomat or Gran Fury...but an Aspen or Volare would do.
  10. edcar
    gran fury now here
  11. marty mopar
    marty mopar
    Idiot vegetable extraordinaire
  12. Mopars1
    Mopars1 Aspen500
    Yes I am interested in the hood trim. Let me know what you want for the piece.

  13. 79-Diplomat-guy
    In dire need of new shocks and leafs for blue. Yellow needs the attention of a good body shop that can press her back into shape.
  14. AJ/FormS
    AJ/FormS Grant
    I noticed that about a year ago you had a 79 F-wagon for sale. Ima thinking by now it mustabin sold, But I thought I would ask
  15. Mopar Bob
    Mopar Bob Ed Dorey
    Can't tell from pic. Looking for the side window louvers. Have any?
    1. Ed Dorey
      Ed Dorey
      I don't have those but am looking for some. They're not the easiest to find
      Feb 28, 2020
  16. moparman68
    moparman68 jbuhr
    Are you still active here? Had a few questions about your car and your intentions.
  17. sheen
    79' volare, always needing something. (-_-)`
  18. Gator
    Gator Bridger Bollinger
    Does super coupe have good frame rails
    1. Bridger Bollinger
      Bridger Bollinger
      Yes the frame rails are good on it the rust is just on the quarter and I have the full quarter for it
      Jan 7, 2020
  19. craig markus
    craig markus volareandgtcat
    i live north side of warren
  20. craig markus
    craig markus volareandgtcat
    so we are contacted me but I am still better analog guy. I am challenged at digital i swear!!!!! ...anyway contact me. idk what u sent me. I hav 77 volare premier wagon