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  1. 76Aspen6pk
  2. 5th avenue Rob
    The parts list. 4 bbl intake 40 bucks local yard. Electronic distributor 89.99.Used Edelbrock 600cfm carb 60 bucks. HEI 4 prong moduel 24.99. 2 Gm early alt conectors[ work well for the moduel] 3.99 each. Carb adaptor free. Gaskets 12 bucks Oreilys.
  3. 5th avenue Rob
    Strange you gas gauge does that mine does the same thing. It drops fast after 1/2 tank but my fuel lite works. Must be an M body thing.
  4. greyghost
    Never imagined a '79 LB as a dirt car! A 360 with 340 heads...impressive!
  5. greyghost
    Sweet ride for a more-door! I like the black wheels better than the silver! Do you still have the Caravelle?
  6. greyghost
    One of the best looking LeBarons I've ever seen! Unbelievable find at 16.5K mileage!
  7. 79blueghost
    do you have pic of your exhaust setup i would to do the same.
  8. JohnRogers
    Holley Sniper EFI installed, all "smog" removed, 1968 small block air cleaner.
  9. Eric
  10. BudW
    Very nice, and it has a great story behind it!
  11. old yellow 78
    VERY nice! I wish I had kept my first Volare, but I wore it out. Before that, I had a '70 Challenger R/T that I stupidly traded in in about 1976. You are very fortunate that you never got rid of your RR.