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  1. shadow
    shadow NoCar340
    still got bellhousing looking fo IBR of 5.125 for od trans 4 440 also s b
  2. silverd1973
    silverd1973 old yellow 78
    I have the steering wheel your after. I parted out a 1978 premier in the spring and saved the interior from it. It has the usual splits in it from time and the center is just missing the emblem. I ll post a picture for you when I get a chance either tonight or tomorrow. I live in Canada and the postal system is on strike here so not sure as to how long it would take to get to you if your in a hurry.
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    I've made a little progress on my Volare, rain makes it look even better
  4. Peter
    1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue South Australia
  5. DaveHath
    Searching for the right projects
  6. DaveHath
    DaveHath moparmarkk
    That sounds good, do you have a link to the pictures of the car?
  7. greyghost
    greyghost Captain Caravelle
    Hey Captain! How ya doin'? I know I've been gone for awhile and NO I've not been incarcerated for the last few years. Just dealing with life stuff! I seen the pics of your 5th PI. It looks better with the black wheels but it still has too many doors for me! I know, I know, the cops had to have a place to put the bad guys, besides the trunk!
  8. 1952 d100
    1952 d100 F body Deconstructor Jim
    I need a torsion bar adjusting bolt and the threaded block it bolts in to. Do you have one I could buy?
  9. Gator
    Gator BudW
    are you still looking for vent piece .does it have to be a non ac car let me know
  10. L98TPI
    I'm around here somewhere.
  11. DCAspen
    DCAspen slant6billy
    We have to make a Carlisle cruisin video.Bring your equipment.
  12. 1952 d100
    1952 d100
    Thanks for letting me join. I just got a 52 D100, with a Volare clip. 318 All Mopar. I'll need info on the front suspension.
  13. T-TopSuperCoupe
    T-TopSuperCoupe Dr Lebaron
    Do you have a real nice set of rear quarters and rockers for my Supercoupe?

    This is Lee
  14. Derekb
    Need more power!!!
  15. Oldiron440
    Oldiron440 BudW
  16. The man
    The man
    Want to buy a43 ashen or volare
  17. IndieDippy
    Dip is off to storage and to go to the mechanic soon after.
  18. chrisbcream
    chrisbcream Dr Lebaron
  19. dodger roger
    dodger roger
    Mopar or no car
  20. 83 mirada cmx
    83 mirada cmx F body Deconstructor Jim
    i was told by joe12459 that you may have front frame rails that will fit my 83 Mirada. if you do what would they cost and are you willing to ship to Pennsylvania.