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  1. Alexgalayda
    Anybody got a 1980 mirada/cordoba center wheel hub cap
  2. Gator
    Gator Joe12459
    Sounds great ill be up there with billy
    1. Joe12459
      Sounds good. If he replies and still has them, I'll buy them.
      Jul 3, 2017
  3. brotherGood
    brotherGood BudW
    So..i can't figure out how to send a personal message..its been so long since I've done so..haha.

    But I've got a picture of that speedometer finally..
  4. Plymouth79
    I want to swap my /6 out 4 a 318 an I was told that all needed 2do was change my motor mounts and a few other things is there anything else
  5. gclintonmopars
  6. Roadrunner77
    Looking for parts and extra knowledge....
  7. Oldiron440
    I've had my Volare for thirty years, 440+, 727, 83/4 spool, cage 3200lbs, street strip mid 10s e85.
  8. greyghost
    greyghost Dr Lebaron
    Hey Doc, I paged forward in my repair manual and found the appropriate illustration that shows the RH caliper on the left (driver's) side with the hose connection toward the front. I just can't find it written anywhere that some applications require the calipers to be switched.
  9. greyghost
    greyghost Dr Lebaron
    Doc, I just bought re-manufactured calipers and new hoses for my '79 LeBaron. The old parts are still on the car and I'm finding that the new calipers left and right sides are opposite of the old calipers. The hoses appear to be the same as the old. Do you think my old calipers were put on the wrong sides to begin with?
  10. bronson
    bronson DCAspen
    hi what are you looking to get for grill?
  11. Kernel Sanders
    Kernel Sanders
    eating chicken wings and drinking beer
  12. Jaketrae123
    Jaketrae123 Joe12459
    I'm trying to iron out a plan to put a 5.7 into my imperial, and i was just wondering if you needed a smaller brake booster to clear the cylinder head/ valve cover of the hemi, its already pretty close to my 318. Thanks.
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    2. Jaketrae123
      Thanks, I think I'll have to go with a smaller booster, or move the mounts forward like you did. Also I was wondering if you knew what had to be modified to get a 727 starter to work on the hemi, I know It's passenger side on a hemi and drivers side for the 727
      Apr 21, 2017
    3. Joe12459
      That I 'm not sure about. There are a few Gen 3 Hemi Swap groups on Facebook that could probably provide a lot of info. Either way, be sure to post lots of pics of your build!
      Apr 21, 2017
    4. Jaketrae123
      Thanks again, I'll be sure to post some pics when I can!
      Apr 21, 2017
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  13. shadango
    shadango volare 77
    Hey there....I may be interested in that 28 tooth speedo gear you posted a picture of in the speedo thread.....using the chart that was posted, I think I need a 28....not sure what is IN the car now yet, but we figured out the rear gear by turning/counting (2.76) and we measured our tire height from the ground (25.25 inches).......can you tell me what you would want for it, shipped to 15132?
  14. AJ/FormS
  15. AJ/FormS
    Here to help,24/7, just send me a hello
  16. AJ/FormS
  17. AJ/FormS
  18. 77 LeBaron
    77 LeBaron
    Spinnaker White Exterior, Green Interior. Chrysler- (F) LeBaron , (H)HiLine , (41)4 door ,(G) 318-2BBL , (7) 1977 , (G) St. Louis .
  19. greymouser7
    greymouser7 slant6billy
    Hey Billy, how much do I owe you?
  20. greymouser7