New Showcase Comments

  1. Ele115
    I just put 900 miles on it. It drove like a new car. I had to boil out the radiator, rebuild the carb and rebuild the brakes. Tires were replaced but I still have them. It drove like a new car 75+ mph, it IS A NEW car! I like new cars, but...
  2. SixBanger
    Great, Like the two tone paint in blue. Rims on 2nd photo look almost the same as what is mounted under my car now.
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  3. old yellow 78
    Really beautiful car! Striking design unlike anything else of the time, and the color on this one is perfect.
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  4. JohnRogers
  5. old yellow 78
    Excellent - A four door! Don't see so many of them vs the coupes, but I like them! Your's looks good with the two tone blue. You were lucky to find a decent Aspen grill too!
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  6. old yellow 78
    Very nice job on a beautiful little coupe!
  7. old yellow 78
    Nice! I like the color and the wheels.
  8. Shorty Thompson
    Very similar to mine. I plan on putting a magnum in it.
  9. Mirada Bill
  10. Mirada Bill
  11. Mirada Bill
  12. DCAspen