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    Weatherstripping woes

    All F/M four door cars will have (especially the front doors) the same weatherstrip. Ironically, wagon rear doors and sedan rear doors are just slightly different enough, that sedan parts may not fit. I purchased a new liftage weatherstrip for my wagon from the local body supply shop. They...
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    any one stamping new metal for the aspen/volare'?

    Just about any later "M" body Fifth Avenue has a floor pan you can use. Certainly for sedans and wagons, and with some cutting skills, you could probably make the work for a coupe too.
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    fender tag-78 dippy coupe

    Paint code is PB9 not P89. PB9 is starlight blue sunfire metallic Trim code F4B3 not F489. Split back bench seat with center armrest in blue. 000 is the interior trim paint code. Since your car doesn't have any visible painted trim inside the code is 000 616 is the body frame date. IT IS...
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    fender tag-78 dippy coupe

    Of course you're not going to find those codes in a '70/'71 book. You're dealing with an '88 Diplomat!
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    Air Intake Hose Duct Tube

    You can order those all day long from Rock Auto. Looks just like that.
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    Dash pad removal

    It really is "that" easy. Having done this a number of times, the best way I've found is to remove the pad and instrument panel top plate as an assembly and then separate the pad from the i/p panel. And, if you're intent on upgrading to a four speaker system in your car, now's the time to find...
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    FOR SALE 88 Diplomat AHB Sway Bars

    Thanks for this. I had the basic theory of rear wheel steer explained to me decades ago by a friend who at the time was Chrysler's Chief Chassis and Suspension engineer. So, in the case of a rear sway bar on an F/M/J/Y body car, it's going to reduce the understeer considerably. Add in the...
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    1979 E58 360-4V

    How were these engines "finished" at the engine plant? I've seen E58s in L'il Red Trucks with chrome rocker covers and a chrome air cleaner lid and I've seen what's supposed to be a "stock" E58 in a car that has black rocker covers and a black air cleaner lid. I'm redoing an E58 for a '79...
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    Column ID help please...

    Because it's a Saginaw column, the parts you need would be common to any car i.e. Cadillac that has a tilt/telescope column. There must be somebody on this site who has the 1978 Pass Car Parts catalog or if all else fails, check a local dealer to see if they still have their catalogs or last...
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    Found Fender Tag

    Just read a previous post. I stand corrected on the model.
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    Found Fender Tag

    "H" price point will indicate that this was a Volare Premier.
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    FOR SALE 88 Diplomat AHB Sway Bars

    Has anybody put a rear sway bar on a wagon? I'm REALLY curious to know. I'm fortunate enough to know a now retired Chrysler engineer who was part of the development team for Fbody, particularly suspension. I had talked to him years ago about putting the front bar in polyurethane and adding...
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    Found Fender Tag

    '76 Volare Premier 4dr sedan with the base /6.
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    Coolant Drain Plug on '78 Plymouth Volare

    If your engine is full of crusty stuff, or gunk in general, the most effective cleaner I've ever used is oxalic acid. Used to be able to buy a small two part container. Oxalic acid on one side, baking soda on the other. If you find oxalic acid, you need the baking soda otherwise the oxalic...
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    1981 Mexican Spec Chrysler LeBaron Coupe

    The grille looks like the one used on the Medallion models. The emblem in the center isn't the same, but the basic grille appears to be the same.