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    FOR SALE Nos 76-80 wagon tailgate lock

    Nos tailgate lock cylinder for 76-80 wagons. Part # 3861757. I have three, locks only, these are uncoded so no keys. That is the info I found online, the one box is dated 2-84, so I'm sure they fit may years and models. $10 each plus shipping from 40165. Or if you buy all three I'll give...
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    FOR SALE 1976 and 1977 motor trend with volare's on the covers

    Vintage Motor Trend magazine's with f-body articles. First is February 1976 with the car of the year story on the 76 f-body's. Second is November 1977 with the 78 kit cars on the cover with article's inside. $10 each plus shipping from 40165. Thanks
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    SOLD F-body transmission crossmember

    I don't know if this view will help.
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    SOLD F-body transmission crossmember

    I'm not sure, I got it in a pile of parts I bought. I just looked on brewers website and they said they fit either. So I can't really answer your question, is there a angle I can take a pic where you can tell? Thanks
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    SOLD F-body transmission crossmember

    F-body transmission crossmember, for both auto or stick. $25 + shipping from 40165
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    FOR SALE Aspen and volare finish panels

    Aspen and volare finish panels. Both are in pretty good condition, $25 each + shipping from 40165. Thanks
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    SOLD 4- gang power window switch

    Sold it on c-bodys. Thanks guys.
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    SOLD 4- gang power window switch

    Thanks, I did a Google search and that's what it said.
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    SOLD 4- gang power window switch

    4-gang power window switch, part # 3747477. I believe this is for j-body's but may fit others. $25 shipped from 40165 to the lower 48. Thanks
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    FOR SALE Nos 1978+ intermittent wiper control module

    Nos 1978+ intermittent wiper control module, part # 4048375. $25 + shipping from 40165. Thanks
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    FOR SALE 78-79 f-body 2 speed wiper switch

    78-79 f-body 2 speed wiper switch. Part #3747321. Never tested. $10 + shipping from 40165. Thanks
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    FOR SALE 1978 chassis-body service manual

    1978 chassis-body service manual for all Chrysler, dodge and Plymouth. Good shape. $25 + shipping from 40165. Thanks
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    FOR SALE M body rocker molding clips

    M-body rocker molding clips. Part #6003718. I have 8 of these and all have there little clips ends except one, it's missing one side. $20 shipped from 40165 to the lower 48. Thanks
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    FOR SALE 76-77 f-body wiper and headlight switch panel

    Pair of 76-77 f-body wiper and headlight switch panels. Both have the wiper and headlight switches, one has a spot for rear defrost, that switch is missing. Switches are untested. $20 + shipping from 40165 for each. Thanks
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    FOR SALE Owners manuals

    I have the following owners manuals for sale, all are in good to great condition. They are $25 each shipped from 40165 to the lower 48. Thanks. 1980 Aspen, 76, 77, 78, and 79 volare, 79 st. Regis, 1980 Cordoba, 1977 Aspen.