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    Drop Spindle ?????

    What advantage's do Drop Spindle have ? Are there any negative's to using them > Thanks
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    Where is this located ?. Panel under dash is riveted to steering column. Before i remove want to make sure where it is first. Thanks
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    Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, Who's Going

    I will be there on Friday/Saturday. What do you have for sale ?
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    ONE NOS Police shock

    Larry, FYI old mitchell motors/fmmpar has a couple of these shocks . Charlie
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    J body tie rod ends

    Where do you get the solid one's from ? Thanks
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    It's a P code. Thanks
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    Sorry, Its a 1986
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    Going to look at car and i have Vin# Which digit in vin shows what engine it came with. Thanks
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    Tuff wheel install

    Want to install tuff wheel on my 1979 aspen. Do i just need the adapter or is there any thing else i need to install. Thanks
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    BaT 1978 Chrysler Lebaron Woody Wagon!!!

    Thanks Bud W. i see the tranny cooler line's over the radiator support on driver's side and it has a P.S Cooler that why i think it may be Police Pkg.
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    BaT 1978 Chrysler Lebaron Woody Wagon!!!

    Bud W- Where did you find this info. Sounds like it has Police pkg. Thanks
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    FOR SALE 1980 Cordoba LS E58 car

    Did these cars get dual exhaust like the Police cars ?
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    DarthCar found me a Cordoba

    Link ????
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    Best fuel pump/carb option

    It was junk in gas tank clogging things up. Thanks for all your help.
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    Expensive parts

    Just saw N.O.S 80 Aspen grille on EBAY believe it was 1,000 or that was opening bid.