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    WANTED Matching grey sun visors, 83 Cordoba

    which one do you need?
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    WANTED interior and exterior trim

    1 4076 816-7 S-P LAMP ASSEMBLY, Opera 2 SOCKET and CABLE, Serviced in Lamp Assy.) 3513 686 Socket Repair Pkg. 3 9437 448 BULB 4 BEZEL,(Serviced in Lamp Assy.) 5 GASKET,(Serviced in Lamp Assy.) 6 HOUSING,(Serviced in Lamp Assy.) 7 FILTER,(Serviced in Lamp Assy.) 8 LENS,(Serviced in Lamp Assy.) 9...
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    WANTED pass side visor in almond 5th ave

    nothing out there on google
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    WANTED pass side visor in almond 5th ave

    pick one: VISOR, w/o Mirror, w/o Sun Roof 0H535AA3 1 Silver 0H535VC7 1 Blue 0H535VM6 1 Red 0H535EK1 1 Almond w/Sun Roof 0H540AA3 1 Silver, Right 0H541AA3 1 Silver, Left 0H540VC7 1 Blue, Right 0H541VC7 1 Blue, Left 0H540VM6 1 Red, Right 0H541VM6 1 Red, Left 0H540EK1 1 Almond, Right 0H541EK1 1...
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    1978 Petty Kit Car Purchase

    saw one new in a showroom when they came out........I was shocked to see it was a factory car as it looked like someone had done it themselves.
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    FOR SALE 1980 Cordoba LS Sales Brochure

    8.5 X 11 inches Undated Brochure I have 15 of these 7.00 each plus shipping PM me for more info
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    FOR SALE 1979 300 Brochure

    8 X 11 Inches 12.00 plus shipping PM me for more info
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    WANTED seat belt

    BELT--FRONT SEAT LAP AND SHOULDER-OUTER M BODY BELT, Outer LABEL NUMBER 4290466-7 0F660BA3 1 Silver, Right 0F661BA3 1 Silver, Left 0F660BC7 1 Blue, Right 0F661BC7 1 Blue, Left 0F660BM6 1 Red, Right 0F661BM6 1 Red, Left 0F660EK1 1 Almond, Right 0F661EK1 1 Almond, Left BELT--FRONT SEAT LAP AND...
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    WANTED Matching grey sun visors, 83 Cordoba

    1983 part book: VISOR,Trim Panel N N N N H686-7 AA3 1 Silver N N N YH686AA3 H686-7 VC7 1 Blue, Dark N N N YH686VC7 H686-7 VM6 1 Red N N N YH686VM6 H686-7 BL3 1 Tan N N N YH686BL3 VISOR PANEL,w/Lighted Mirror Rt. N N N N H700 AA3 1 Silver NX,S,Y N N YH700AA3 H700 VC7 1 Blue, Dark NX,S,Y N N...
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    WANTED interior and exterior trim

    this? 4175 170-1 MOULDING,Roof Transverse,Use on Padded Landau Roof w/Qtr. Plug 6003 642 RETAINER 9420 867 NUT SCREW
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    Rear View Mirrors

    3695132 w/o day night same as 3639696,3490494,3548447 1972-80 I have 3 of these will send you a PM
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    FOR SALE NOS & Used parts

    Miscellaneous medallions and moldings not yet inventoried. Give me another week or so to get through them. Some of the moldings have no wrappers or part numbers. Got these at a closed dealership last year. A royal headache to figure out! Have more NOS not listed and plenty of used stuff too...
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    FOR SALE NOS 1979 300 R/L Fender Louvers #4022852, #4022853

    NOS 1979 300 R/L Fender Louvers #4022852, #4022853 I ordered these years ago and am posting pictures so you can see the differences The plastic part is the same it is just that the clips are mounted differently. Some (but not all) have a green or red marking on the back so I assume they could...
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    FOR SALE 1980-81 NOS "By Dodge" Mirada Trunk Nameplate #4175666

    1980-81 NOS "By Dodge" Mirada Trunk Nameplate #4175666 Missing yours because it was so beautiful it got stolen?? The plastic fogged up? It fell off? Do you need to remind people looking at the ass end of your car who made it? If so I have your solution here. 10.00 each or 3 for 15.00 plus...
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    FOR SALE NOS Trunk Opening Finish Panels 1976-1980 Aspen and Volare

    These are the panels that go between the tail lamps or on the trunk lid 3811829 DECK OPENING LOWER FINISH PANEL /PREMIER PKG 1976-77 Volare 85.00 4022660 DECK OPENING FINISH PANEL 1978-80 Volare 85.00 3811877 REAR PANEL APPLIQUE same as 4022367 1976-77 Aspen SE 125.00 4026722 UPPER DECK OPENING...