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    Torsion Bar Bushings

    those are poly
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    Gask tank move for dual exhaust

    78 doesn`t have the vent on top. The nipple comes out of the side.
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    One thing after another...

    Sounds like it may be a bad accelerator pump that you are describing unless I misunderstood your explaination.
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    One thing after another...

    Not getting enough gas? Weak or bad fuel pump? Float level?
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    kick down and 4 barrel

    When I switched from 2 to 4 the cable was not the right but I made it work. I ended up buying the correct cable later.
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    Torsion Bar Bushings

    I have a pair but I am keeping them. 4106153 , 4026844 , 4186805 are some of the part numbers. They pop up on ebay once in a while. K7289 Moog.
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    Need a manual window regulator

    BTW, I don`t know but I was wondering if the gear portion of the regulator from a different model could be used? May take a little more work but i was thinking it may switch out. Yea or Nay?
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    Need a manual window regulator

    my crash book shows 80-83 mirada part numbers 3882648 - 3882649 right and left
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    kick down and 4 barrel

    When I was youngster I used the same 2 bbl 318 linkage and I modified it also. Don`t really remember exactly how I did since it was such a long time ago.
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    kick down and 4 barrel

    Part #5076 Rev. 8/26/13 - QT/mc ©2013 Edelbrock LLC Brochure #63-50762 Chrysler 318-340-36- c.i.d TRANSMISSION LINKAGE CONVERSION 2-BBL TO 4-BBL 1978 - 1982 Passenger Car w/ 3-Piece Throttle rod #4041548 bracket #4027101
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    Alternators used on all FMJ's

    awesome info!!
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    1978 Aspen Police car dual exhaust

    Aspen, can you post a pic of the part numbers page that got cut off. Thanks
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    FOR SALE NOS Mopar 1978 A/C Heater control valve 3780701

    Nice NOS 78 A/C Heater control valve 3780701. Bought it and no longer need it. $99 shipped US. No electronic payments please.
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    Hood insulation removal

    They don`t sell the molded ones for our years cars that I know of, which fit much better. The universal ones tend to hang down some and I didn`t like the look or fit.