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    Torsion Bar Bushings

    those are poly
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    Gask tank move for dual exhaust

    78 doesn`t have the vent on top. The nipple comes out of the side.
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    One thing after another...

    Sounds like it may be a bad accelerator pump that you are describing unless I misunderstood your explaination.
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    One thing after another...

    Not getting enough gas? Weak or bad fuel pump? Float level?
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    kick down and 4 barrel

    When I switched from 2 to 4 the cable was not the right but I made it work. I ended up buying the correct cable later.
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    Torsion Bar Bushings

    I have a pair but I am keeping them. 4106153 , 4026844 , 4186805 are some of the part numbers. They pop up on ebay once in a while. K7289 Moog.
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    Need a manual window regulator

    BTW, I don`t know but I was wondering if the gear portion of the regulator from a different model could be used? May take a little more work but i was thinking it may switch out. Yea or Nay?
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    Need a manual window regulator

    my crash book shows 80-83 mirada part numbers 3882648 - 3882649 right and left
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    kick down and 4 barrel

    When I was youngster I used the same 2 bbl 318 linkage and I modified it also. Don`t really remember exactly how I did since it was such a long time ago.
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    kick down and 4 barrel

    Part #5076 Rev. 8/26/13 - QT/mc ©2013 Edelbrock LLC Brochure #63-50762 Chrysler 318-340-36- c.i.d TRANSMISSION LINKAGE CONVERSION 2-BBL TO 4-BBL 1978 - 1982 Passenger Car w/ 3-Piece Throttle rod #4041548 bracket #4027101
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    Alternators used on all FMJ's

    awesome info!!
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    1978 Aspen Police car dual exhaust

    Aspen, can you post a pic of the part numbers page that got cut off. Thanks
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    FOR SALE NOS Mopar 1978 A/C Heater control valve 3780701

    Nice NOS 78 A/C Heater control valve 3780701. Bought it and no longer need it. $99 shipped US. No electronic payments please.
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    Hood insulation removal

    They don`t sell the molded ones for our years cars that I know of, which fit much better. The universal ones tend to hang down some and I didn`t like the look or fit.
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    Power steering line help

    Not sure what year pump you have but 78 shows multiple hoses for v8. 2891730 and 2891566. The latter is for cars with air pump and or oil cooler. The listing shows B body but also fits F body and some others Mopar NOS 1977-79 Plymouth Dodge B Body Power Steering Pressure Hose 2891730 | eBay I...
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    Gas smell

    I have seen canisters before that actually were saturated with gas.
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    Knock when releasing the clutch in neutral

    Hopefully it isn`t anything internal in the trans.
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    318 Swap

    Nice work. One thing to check when those cars have rust like yours. Check the inside of the cowl where the vent opening is at the heater box. Many times that piece rusts away and you will get water in the car every time you wash the car or if it rains.
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    Super Coupe flares

    these ford ones look close Mounting Stud - Hood Scoop - EACH - Repro ~ 1968 - 1972 Mercury Cougar - 1968 - 1972 Ford Mustang
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    Super Coupe flares

    They look like studs they used on hood scoops. Should be repops out there.
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    Intake manifold water fitting who sells them?

    You can find them on ebay. MOPAR 1970-78 Small Block LA Heater Hose Nipple Set Nipples Fittings 70 71 Tip | eBay
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    Alternator wiring

    Has the regulator been replaced or been tested? Sounds like a issue ( short) in your wiring though. I think my blue wire on my car is on the top terminal but believe the plug can go either way from what I remember. Others here would know for sure. BTW, check under the dash at the base of the...
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    aspen parts

    like what? name the parts needed.