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  1. Darth-Car

    Driving Off Into The Sunset

    Greetings To The FMJ World! For those of us still around, and who can remember back far enough, I put Darth Car on the market in the Fall of 18, when I was no longer able to drive. I had my share of lookers, but I am happy to report he has left for his new home with a young fellow in the...
  2. Darth-Car

    The Doctor Is Out

    Many of us who have been around here for a long time have been wondering about the sudden silence of our good Canadian Friend Dr. LeBaron. The news does not look good, and seems to point in the direction that many of us had not wanted to admit to ourselves; his poor health conditions, and the...
  3. Darth-Car

    FOR SALE Darth Car Needs A New Home

    Darth Car is looking for a new home. My health has deteriorated rather rapidly over the summer, and I am not going to be driving much longer since I do not want to destroy one of my vehicles, or injure some innocent person. So if you are looking for a beautiful example of an 82 New Yorker that...
  4. Darth-Car

    When Your 318 Just Isn't Good Enough

    So you are rebuilding your car, and want a new engine. Here is Mom Mopars gift to you.
  5. Darth-Car

    WANTED Where Is That Y When Pipe When You Want It?

    Greetings to the FMJ World! All of my new exhaust parts are at my mechanic's, waiting to be installed on Darth Car except the Canadian Y Pipe, Walker part #40430. They have been attempting to get it from Summit for two months. Summit tells them it is coming, but they never get it in stock...
  6. Darth-Car

    My Spare Tire (Not The One Above My Waist)

    Greetings To The FMJ World! Ever since I acquired Darth Car his spare tire has been laying in the trunk well. That does not leave a lot of trunk space since it is a full size spare; and I do not have one of those old style fiber board tire covers to give a more solid trunk floor. My problem...
  7. Darth-Car

    Find That Fuse

    Greetings To The FMJ World! So in the process of doing Darth Car's speaker swap I knew I would have the doors open a lot, and I did not want to melt those precious courtesy lamp lenses, so I decided to pull the interior lamp fuse. Well I thought I might be pulling this fuse a lot in the future...
  8. Darth-Car

    Pretty Screws

    Greetings To The FMJ World! So you have heard the news of the radio speaker upgrades for Darth Car. Well the front speakers had to get some upgrade loving, and that meant a lot of dash part removal. Well the PO had been in the dash a time or two, and lost some of the trim screws, and tried...
  9. Darth-Car

    6x9 In A 5x7 Hole

    Greetings to the FMJ World! Well it was time to retire the factory 5x7 speakers in the rear deck for some 6x9's that I rescued from my late C body front drive New Yorker, before it went to car heaven. Some folks have talked of cutting the metal in the package shelf to a 6x9 size opening, but I...
  10. Darth-Car

    WANTED M Power Antenna Assembly

    Greetings To FMJ World! Darth Car Needs a new power antenna assembly, (motor, and mast). His was ruined by the previous owner. Marty has none, and Parts Voice has two; one is priced as gold, and the other fellow will not return calls. I am looking for part number 4222260 Thanks for the help...
  11. Darth-Car

    WANTED Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

    Greetings To The FMJ World! I went to fill Darth Car's tank this morning before hitting the highway to travel to one of our remote offices that is an hour away. When I went to open the fuel door, I found that I had lost both of the little rubber bumpers that prevent the door from rattling...
  12. Darth-Car

    A Sad Day - Another Part Of Youth Lost

    Greetings To The FMJ World! It is a sad day. I was really getting excited. My youngest boy turns 13 in April. It would be time to introduce him to the joys of yarding. I spent many a wonderful Saturday with my dad at our local yard looking for Mopar parts. The yard owning family were Mopar...
  13. Darth-Car

    Web Site Lock Ups

    Greetings To The FMJ World! Has any body else experienced the web site locking up your browser, if the advertisements lock up. It will happen to me if I stay connected to long, like a half hour. I am running Firefox browser on Linux Mint 17.
  14. Darth-Car

    WANTED Darth Car Wants To Be Cool

    Greetings To the FMJ World! I am convinced that Spring is just around the corner, and that means watching Darth Car's temp gauge climb as we slug our way home through the down town traffic in the evening. So this year will be different. I am on the hunt for a 7 blade fan, and clutch assembly...
  15. Darth-Car

    Plasto-Mobiles Are Finally Taking Out Their Own Kind

    When I saw this this morning I laughed out loud for over a minute. San Francisco has had its first self-driving car accident Martyn Williams IDG News Service Jan 21, 2016 4:52 AM San Francisco saw its first traffic accident involving an autonomous car earlier this month. It occurred on the...
  16. Darth-Car

    Could Be Wiring Information Here

    Greetings To The FMJ World! I found this link when I was looking for some wiring diagrams for a non-M project. I did not look here for what I needed, and found it elsewhere. (I do not share personal information freely on the web); but for those of you who do this could be a great resource...
  17. Darth-Car

    You Can't Make Me Wake Up

    Greetings To The FMJ World! Well Darth Car has been doing it again, this week. In the morning you turn the key to start, and you hear the radio relay in the dash click, but that is all you get. So you keep rapidly switching the key from run to start until the starter decides it wants to do...
  18. Darth-Car

    Sunny Days With A Chance Of Rain

    Greetings To The FMJ World! I am now at a loss. When I run the A/C in Darth Car the floor gets wet. So I said, "well the condensate drain must be clogged." So to test, the next day I sweated my drive out with only the vent running; no wet floor. Then I decided to run the heater one...
  19. Darth-Car

    The MOPAR Force Is Strong

    Greetings To The FMJ World! I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself as the latest old geezer to join the group. Mopars have been a wonderful part of my life for many years. I have spent time working on everything from Darts to Grand Wagoneers, and have loved them all. My career has...