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  1. rowdy351

    Mirada parts in Texas

    There is a almost complete rust-free 80 Mirada at the Pick-n-Pull Fort Worth. Row 101. CMX 318 Get onto it before it's crushed.
  2. rowdy351

    WANTED J body rust repair section wanted

    Damm, that sucks. Thanks for looking anyway mate. My L/H drivers side pillar is rust and bubble free. Hopefully, the R/H pillar is not a common rust area for the j bodies? Can anyone else help?
  3. rowdy351

    WANTED J body rust repair section wanted

    Hi Joe I'm after a top section of the A pillar and roof (right hand front passenger side)as mine is fairly rusted and I prefer to repair with steel as opposed to filling with filler. I can send clearer pics of what I am after if you can help. Chris.
  4. rowdy351

    WANTED J body rust repair section wanted

    Hi Does anyone out there have a old J body parts car/wreck or junker that they would be willing to cut (grinder/plasma) a section of steel out for me?
  5. rowdy351

    What do Americans call it?

    Mates, greetings from Perth Western Australia. I have joined up to a few sites including ROW52 after parts for my Mirada. I need rust repair sections/cut outs. What are they called when I get in contact with parts pullers? Are you allowed to take a grinder/plasma/saw to pull yards and cut a...
  6. rowdy351

    Mirada Nosecone

    Thanks to all for responding, all under control now!
  7. rowdy351

    WANTED R-Body or M-Body Mopar

    Ahh.. The R body, if only Chrysler held on a few years more.
  8. rowdy351

    Mirada Nosecone

    Does that mean I have to replace the whole nose cone assembly? Or can I get the steel inner bumper as a separate part? Does anyone have a few pictures of the rear of a nosecone already removed from the car or a schematic parts drawing? I need to know what I am dealing with.
  9. rowdy351

    Mirada Nosecone

    I thought the nosecone on the Mirada was plastic/composite. Looking under, I took these pics. As a Aussie, what the hell am I dealing with?
  10. rowdy351

    J body Wiper arms and fuse block needed.

    Hello I'm after a set of windshield wiper arms to suit my Mirada. Mine are badly rusted and pitted with corrosion beyond restoration. Can anyone help? Will wiper arms from a Cordoba/Imperial fit? I'm also after a main fuse block (under dash) to suit my Mirada. The clips and tabs are broken on...
  11. rowdy351

    Hood insulation pads

    Does anyone know where I can get a new under hood insulation pad for my 83 Mirada? Have had a brief search on the web but the J body seems to be neglected as usual. Anyone have any leads?
  12. rowdy351

    Need help with fuse block location

    I can't find any slot. The fuse block looks like some tabs have broken off also. What does the clip look like and where is it located?
  13. rowdy351

    Need help with fuse block location

    Hoping someone can help me out... I'm trying to find out the correct location to re-install my main under-dash fuse block. At the moment it's just hanging down,not attached to anything. I have looked through my shop manuals but there is no illustration of where it should be located/attached...
  14. rowdy351

    J body 318 4 barrel parts needed

    Hopefully someone can help me out :icon_confused:... I have most of the parts needed to swap my standard 2 barrel setup on my 83 Mirada and was just wondering if anyone can help me out with a few small parts needed to swap to 4 barrel. I have a new 4 bbl carby,refurbished & powder coated air...
  15. rowdy351

    Need some help...Mirada/Cordoba window switches.

    Hi All Just wondering if someone out there can help me out in regards to getting a new set of power window switches for my 83 Mirada. I need a drivers side master switch and passenger side switch,the car has powered locks...the windows operate well but the bezels are all cracked and...
  16. rowdy351

    Junk Yard scrounger for hire

    I'm after some interior bits and pieces for a Mirada if you are lucky enough to find one!
  17. rowdy351

    Miradas in Junkyards

    In the thread you are thinking of,all the Mirada's pictured in have been tracked down and crushed long ago...the only exception being the maroon CMX which is still unaccounted for. Perhaps if anyone is lucky enough to spot one in a junk/salvage yard they could post pics?
  18. rowdy351

    R.I.P. Rust In Peace

    Rumor has it, in regard to the the last pic of the maroon Mirada it had the dual exhaust, 360 and was a CMX...defiantly worth tracking down and saving but I can't find any info on the pic or location. As for the other Mirada's pictured, I managed to find out the locations/yards they were...
  19. rowdy351

    Miradas in Junkyards

    Greetings to all! I'm a new member and the owner of a 83 Mirada. Due to the age and rarity of this model,I have been finding it harder and harder to find parts. Just thought I would put a call out to the community to see if anyone has seen on their travels to their local junkyard any J body...