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  1. My imp

    Hortens & the King

    Looks like another American firm has taken the "jump ship" approach to paying corporate taxes. By merging with Tim Hortens, Burger King dodges having to pay certain corporate taxes. May e we should all move to a foreign country to avoid paying our fair share. I think everyone would like to get...
  2. My imp

    Factory 1993 Chrysler/Infinity 6disc changer trouble code

    I had a fuse blow in the factory 6 disc changer in my trunk. When I replaced the fuse, the trouble code "E-02" showed up on the remote LED. Once again, I'm in Va. Beach, w/o access to the troubleshooting guide for the changer. Last week, that tornado that touched down in Brunswick, Ohio was 500...
  3. My imp

    Time for introductions; car-snow, snow-car

    Just got the new project settled in at my sons house, went home. Planned on getting up & going over to begin a little preliminary assessment. But au contraries mon fraire! There's this white sh*t all over the gold paint I'd barely glanced at a mere 24 hrs. ago. Being an Arizona car, I didn't...
  4. My imp

    Christmas in March!

    After MANY miss fires, I'm going to be receiving my next project! Another Imperial! Been so long, I don't even remember the year! Doesn't matter though, there all the same! Now the cabin fever really sets in! I've ecollected enough parts through the years to get the thing running. Have a...
  5. My imp

    Power: Real vs. Percieved

    I was talking with my son-in-law today about cars of the past vs. late model stuff. The difference between a '66 Dodge Coronet with a 440/727/8.75" with a 3.23 sure-grip vs. a 2010 Cobalt SS turbo 5 speed. Punch the '66 & hold on for dear life. Let the thing take you through the gears, fully...
  6. My imp

    RockAuto new car buying guide

    Anybody get a chance to read the March RockAuto newsletter? Read the part about the new car buyers guide. The guy talks about the most reliable car he ever owned was a'79 Cordoba! Used it as his benchmark for purchasing a new vehicle? Guess what he bought.........
  7. My imp

    Anyone interested in a '91 Spirit R/T

    My son is selling a basket case '91 Spirit R/T turbo III. Engine machine work done, head redone, needs clutch, turbo. PM for details. Many new parts. I may be adding mt '92 Stealth R/T TT to the mix also.
  8. My imp

    Please disregard!

    My wife informs me I've been hacked. Someone is sending out pictures of half naked women out in my name. It wasn't me, have no idea who it was, but just so as not to insult, please accept my humble apologies. Thanks, Larry
  9. My imp

    Imperial fuel flow control valve & circuitry

    Can the flow control valve & circuitry be isolated from the stock EFI? I know it came with the recall retro fit kit, but I've not been able to locate one. Anyone found a setup that works with the stock computer?
  10. My imp

    Border crossing

    After having a long talk with my father, who had been in trucking most of his life, the exchange of parts across the border is no more legal than the trafficking of drugs across the border. It would have to be set up as a legal business. All rules, regs, taxes, licenses, etc, would all need to...
  11. My imp

    Is that Imperial for sale?

    Some kid that just moved in across the street from me, just knocked on the door. He wanted to know if my parts Imp's were for sale. I said sure. Do they run? Yep, the cream colored one does. I hear those things make good derby cars! Bye, don't call me, I'll call you! NOT
  12. My imp

    Diplomat die cast

    There's a Diplomat 1/24 scale die cast on eBay. Guy has (10) of them! Item#400303164973 $12.99+$10 shipping. Maybe you can get a package deal!
  13. My imp

    Viper alarm battery life

    Does anyone have a Viper alarm on their car? If so, how often do you need to change the AAA battery in the fob? It seems that I'm only getting a little less than a month, whether I use it or not. I know fob's with the 3032 batteries get considerably longer life. Thanks, Larry
  14. My imp

    WTB Automatic HVAC black faced control panel

    WTB automatic HVAC black faced control panel; as in winter beater thread. Will also trade the silver one in my Imperial. It is identical in every other way, except for color of face. Thanks, Larry
  15. My imp

    Just the way "The Lar" likes it!

    This is, other than the colors, pretty much the way I intend to paint my Imp.
  16. My imp

    Salvage '81 Imperial $150!!

    Google search found an '81 Imp for $150 in Co!
  17. My imp

    "A" Pillar Gauge Mount

    Has anyone mounted gauges on their "A" Pillar yet? When I asked Summit for the part #, Summit wants me to buy one of each part, then return the ones that don't work! They tried to sell me some POS universal fit that wasn't even close. Thank You, Larry
  18. My imp

    New Years resolutions

    I hear that if you tell someone your resolution, it won't come true. I hope not. Since the invention of political correctness, I, & many others have altered the way we speak, act, & think. This has done nothing but confuse, alienate, & turn people off. The Barney Fife's of the world have taken...
  19. My imp

    Why "Don't we get no respect?"

    All the Mopar only shows I go to are packed in like sardines; just like Chevy & Ford. It appears to be as large as any other shows. Our money's as good as Chevy & Ford money. So why are we treated like 2nd class citizens at general car shows? And F M J bodies the worst! C &D bodies get more...
  20. My imp

    Amatuer night festivities

    Anyone doing anything on Amatuer night? (Dec.31st, New Years Eve) ?
  21. My imp

    When I awoke from a long winter's nap...

    Due to my wife's For Obviously Retarded Drivers (Ford) finding yet another way to leak out its anti freeze, I was forced to press my Imp into service on a cold winter's day. Imagine my surprise to see a Diplomat coming towards me on Aurora Rd. in Solon, Oh. around 4-4:30 today. Anyone here? Yet...
  22. My imp

    Need a new site; "For O-F-W-B-B Only"

    We need a new site; "For Old Farts (or F*cks) With Bad Backs"! Sign up here. I was in Va. Beach for a week , which ended being (2) weeks because my G-Daughter & her best friend (both 2 yrs old)+ my Daughters (2) 50+lb. dogs were playing & jumping all over me. I was fine when I went to sleep, but...
  23. My imp

    Cordoba fender extensions

    Ebay has a listing for both fender extensions (new). Kinda pricey at $390 for the 1st bid.
  24. My imp

    11.75" rotors & tape on wheel weights

    I installed the 11.75" brake set on my Imp & noticed that the clearance is incredibly tight. I don't know if tape on weights would clear the caliper. When I polish my snowflake wheels up, I don't want to use pound on weights, but I don't know if tape on weights will clear. And with time, if not...
  25. My imp

    Energy Suspension drops our crossmember bushings from catalog!

    Opened my poly bushings from Energy Suspension &, wrong parts! Right number, 5.4111G, wrong parts. Called Summit, who called Energy, &, they've dropped ALL '80-up crossmember bushings (oval ones) from line up. All they offer now is '73-'79 B body (round ones)! That F'n sucks! I'm back to square...