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  1. Lightning II

    the Three-pedal swap

    So, my "new" pedal assembly from Brewer's arrived at my house while I'm still on the road, and I have some questions about swapping the assemblies so it'll speed things up when I finally get around to doing it. I do plan on going with a hydraulic throwout bearing, so that bypasses anything I...
  2. Lightning II

    Hey Bud!

    Hey Bud! Check your PM’s.
  3. Lightning II

    EPAS Electric Power Steering

    so, after seeing a couple YT videos, and this article Electric Power Steering Increases Horsepower and Saves Fuel I'm considering switching to electric power steering in the future. I had the feeling that some of y'all might wanna check it out too, since the basic column is cheap enough, and...
  4. Lightning II

    Question: 4-speeds with consoles?

    Did any F-body 4-speed cars come with a console? Or was the console only available with the automatic?
  5. Lightning II

    Thermoquad Part Question

    I didn’t wanna hijack the other TQ thread with my own questions. I have a 9245 that I’ve started rebuilding. I have the majority of it apart. I’m trying to figure out what that last part is though. It’s attached at the rear of the carb to the top plate, next to the spot where the fuel line...
  6. Lightning II

    FOUND ——

  7. Lightning II

    WANTED A-pillar Trim

    I'm looking for new A-pillar trim, preferably dark blue.
  8. Lightning II

    Edit Feature?

    Did the Edit Post feature go missing recently?
  9. Lightning II

    F-body/M-body gauge panel interchange?

    This is going to seem odd, but are the mounting holes for the F-'s and M-'s gauge clusters & the fascia the same? or is the frame of the dash behind it different?
  10. Lightning II

    Let’s get it right this time. (‘87 Dip project)

    So, this is probably my....4th M- that I’ve had. Just picked it up today after a 300-mile drive one-way with the Uhaul truck. I’m actually the second official owner of it. It got bought by an older gentleman when new, then the guy that I bought it from got it, didn’t get it transferred...
  11. Lightning II

    MM Stealth Bomber suspension mods?

    Does anybody happen to have any scans of the Stealth Bomber’s mods on it’s front suspension? Trying to search the archives at Hot Rod has been......less than successful.
  12. Lightning II

    Introducing New Member: Lightning II

    (don't mind me, just trying to get my original account situated.)