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  1. Lightning II

    Fuel Injection for AHB

    kinda a coincidence, but I was going over the same idea, just a different engine. found this thread on Moparts, but I haven't had the chance to read it yet. It's also a few years old. Hope it can help. Budget small block EFI - Moparts Forums
  2. Lightning II

    Let’s get it right this time. (‘87 Dip project)

    well, time for a small, lame update. I have at finally bought a rear end gear for the 741 carrier. A 2.94 one. It only took me 18 months to finally pick a gear for the damn thing.
  3. Lightning II

    Calling on saner heads again...

    To add: make sure the HVAC switches work, It's something I still need to track down the issues of on my own car. It's linkages and vacuum lines, so the linkage can jam.
  4. Lightning II

    Diplomat in commercial

    If you’ve got Paramount+ the movie is on there too. If I wind up watching it I’ll grab a screenshot.
  5. Lightning II

    Let’s get it right this time. (‘87 Dip project)

    Yeah, one of these times when I’m making a delivery up near your area I need to hit you up. Dr. Diff is showing a 3.23 on his site. Dana 60 Ring and Pinion
  6. Lightning II

    Let’s get it right this time. (‘87 Dip project)

    The ending of that thread was one of the places where I started looking harder at the idea. Then I found another where a couple guys with early F-100 pickups were swapping that suspension over instead of using the F/J/M setup.
  7. Lightning II

    Let’s get it right this time. (‘87 Dip project)

    I'm still debating on what gear to run, the steepest I might go is a 3.55 if I get something with OD, otherwise it's gonna be a 2.93/2.94 if I can find it. If i went Dana I'd go for one of Dr. Diff's 3.23 gears. Tires will likely be 275's since they're not too expensive. with the cradle, it...
  8. Lightning II

    Let’s get it right this time. (‘87 Dip project)

    Update: So, it's been quite a bit since anything's happened. Back in October had to move since the owner of the house decided to do a reneviction. So, I have no place to work on the car, and it's been trading daily-driver duties with my '93 Toyota pickup whenever I'm actually home. The theme...
  9. Lightning II

    Firm Feel rear sway bar mounts

    I've honestly given up hope on them ever making them. They've got the steel already made for them, but haven't bent them. They're too busy with steering boxes.
  10. Lightning II

    1977 Mexican Spec Dodge Super Bee

    Same here, just seeing how the consoles were set up would help a ton once I could get one.
  11. Lightning II

    Firm Feel Products

    Their prices lately have gone up. $550+ for a pair of leaf springs is nuts. When did they go up so much everywhere?
  12. Lightning II

    WANTED Actively looking for the best FMJ I can find

    On the non-Mopar side, I’d suggest the ‘88-‘93 T-birds. They’re usually overlooked when it comes to cars that are roomy inside and have a v8.
  13. Lightning II

    Let’s get it right this time. (‘87 Dip project)

    Time for a very minor update! in another thread I shared that I got the FFI Subframe bushings in, finally. AND, I finally got ahold of the most '80's tach ever. The Sunpro Power Curve Tach! I'm working on ideas for the rest of the gauge cluster surround, because I wanna go digital with it...
  14. Lightning II

    Solid K frame bushings

    That’s next. Gotta learn to weld first.
  15. Lightning II

    Solid K frame bushings

    Well, I finally got home to drive it over the weekend. Even with the rest of the suspension being a bit tired I could tell there was a difference. Getting the new isolators is probably the best thing we can do for these cars.
  16. Lightning II

    K-Member Removal At The Boneyard

    K-Frame bolts are 15/16”
  17. Lightning II

    F body on Hemmings Auctions 9hrs left

    One guy keeps bumping the bids up. He went from $16k to $25k over the course of a week. Nice car though.
  18. Lightning II

    Solid K frame bushings

    so, I got them in finally yesterday. Haven't been able to drive it since because I wanna get an alignment done first. That'll get taken care of this month.
  19. Lightning II

    Solid K frame bushings

    No, I had a brain fart and didn’t get a hoist. I need to buy one anyway. It’s supposed to rain all day today, so I’ll do that in the morning. and I’ve already resigned myself to using the cutoff wheels regardless.
  20. Lightning II

    Solid K frame bushings

    well, I'm halfway done, the front ones are set, but the rear ones are giving me a bit of trouble since the K-frame isn't lowering enough even with the bolts all the way out. And yes, I did try to do the driver's side first. I did finally break out the dremel after buying new cutoff wheels for...
  21. Lightning II

    Solid K frame bushings

    Awesome. I was actually about to DM you on Instagram about it but I posted here first. I’ll let y’all know how my attempt at this goes.
  22. Lightning II

    Solid K frame bushings

    Just double-checking, but do the FFI Isolators still need the lower isolators? Or does that large washer just replace it altogether?
  23. Lightning II

    WANTED interior and exterior trim

    any M-body A-pillar trim in good shape?
  24. Lightning II

    the Three-pedal swap

    That’s good news at least. Now I just need to find a T56 or a TR6060 that’s not gonna cost me a kidney.