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  1. Darth-Car

    Fuel Delivery Issue - 87th FA - Saga

    That girl gets into stuff! :) ....But manages to find her way out.
  2. Darth-Car

    2002 Suburban Passlock problem

    Fill those water tanks Girl!
  3. Darth-Car

    2002 Suburban Passlock problem

    Can we ask, "where is Becky's shop with the concrete floor, and the vehicle lift?":D
  4. Darth-Car

    Low Fuel light

    You know, I had a friend with a 77 318 F that had been de-lean burned by somebody in its life. His fuel pacer lamp was always on. I told him it just had to be a simple vacuum repair. It traced the wiring from the fixture, but never found a tie-in to a vacuum line. I finally decided it had to...
  5. Darth-Car

    OY pics and plans

    The great Spring ritual with Dad for several weeks in the evening after work. How will we repair the cracked Bondo this year, that will improve it from what we did last year? :) Those were good times. Most kids today, mine included have no interest in that sort of stuff at all. :(
  6. Darth-Car

    Driving Off Into The Sunset

    You are all very kind with your generous thoughts, and words. There are a handful of various interest Boards that I have been affiliated with over the years; some that I moderated, others like this one I just participated in. I can say this Board ranks in my top 5 for good, quality people to...
  7. Darth-Car

    Driving Off Into The Sunset

    Greetings To The FMJ World! For those of us still around, and who can remember back far enough, I put Darth Car on the market in the Fall of 18, when I was no longer able to drive. I had my share of lookers, but I am happy to report he has left for his new home with a young fellow in the...
  8. Darth-Car

    Low Fuel light

    Got to play with one that I fit into my 77 F as part of a 77 LeBaron cluster swap. The thing that was interesting was there are two wires in the cluster for F cluster for the fuel gauge, but 3 in that LeBaron cluster. I kept testing the thing once installed to see if it would come on. All it...
  9. Darth-Car

    2002 Suburban Passlock problem

    Even at 6'4'' I used to twist myself under a steering wheel, and dash. I figured that was how you did it. Then I learned at 30 that it got too hard to do, and it was much easier to remove the seat, do the work, and put the seat back in.
  10. Darth-Car

    Dirty Grapefruit Margarita for Valentines Day

    Had to give up my Mt. Dew, but Dr. said try coffee. I have found a way to make that palatable. The rest of my life is devoted to milk, and grape juice.
  11. Darth-Car

    WTF is Ford thinking???

    Not pleased with any of these electric things that are supposed to be cars, but in terms of Ford attempting to call one a Mustang there may be some logic to it. Some of these new electric motor vehicles can whip out a ton of instant horse-power, and give an amazing 0-60 time, and due to their...
  12. Darth-Car

    Car of the Month

    We never heard anything concrete, but we did hear he was well, and off in a different direction. We were not sure of what that really meant.
  13. Darth-Car

    FOR SALE Green Cordoba in Canada

    You can paint the silver car green since it has the white seats it would look fine.
  14. Darth-Car

    An F spotted in the wild

    It used to be fun to identify the car brand, and possibly the engine just by hearing it start in a parking lot. Of course that was the same time you would hear some poor sort turn off their car and it would sit there and diesel for about 30 seconds.
  15. Darth-Car

    Introducing New Member: SuicideRider

    Another great Ohio Person has arrived!
  16. Darth-Car

    SOLD 1978 mustang

    I did not think you could get a 302 in those from the factory.
  17. Darth-Car

    SOLD 1978 mustang

    Those cars were so cool when new. I always liked them as a fun alternative to the Pintos.
  18. Darth-Car

    FOR SALE Darth Car Needs A New Home

    For those who like movie tribute cars, Darth Car has finally achieved this status thanks to the new Wonder Woman 84 movie: He may not be an invisible jet, but it appears one of his kin is good enough to transport our famous fem crime fighter in style when she is not fighting crime. You too...
  19. Darth-Car

    what fuse is what and are any of the missing ones important?

    Yeh Aspen500 kind of beat me to it, but these cars came from the factory with fuse panels that were designed to accommodate all option packages. If your car did not have a specific option, then you just did not get that fuse. I only worry if I see a bunch of fuses missing, or a fuse that...
  20. Darth-Car

    Introducing New Member: Soliday78

    Good for you. Keep us updated on your progress, and yell if you run into any questions.
  21. Darth-Car

    225 SUPER six!

    Leaning Tower Of Power Baby!!!
  22. Darth-Car

    OY pics and plans

    Funny I never had any trouble getting my F's, or M's through the Winter stuff. I actually preferred them to any front drive platform. With all of the world influence on all of the major nameplates out there, you just can not buy a pure nationality car anymore, but if I am going to spend my...
  23. Darth-Car

    what oil type?

    That sludge you see in engines run on conventional oils comes from the paraffin in the oil. You find really high paraffin levels in the Pennsylvania crude's. Now one thing that makes a big difference in running extended drain intervals is to keep a clean, high quality oil filter in the system...
  24. Darth-Car

    225 SUPER six!

    Not for me. No windshield wipers, cruise control, or air conditioning. :)
  25. Darth-Car

    what oil type?

    I was an Amsoil skeptic for years. I could not justify the price, until I did the math of changing oil every 3k verses every 20k. The Amsoil just made more dollars, and cents. :) I have used the stuff in everything from large Dodge, and Ford trucks to K cars, and PT Cruisers for the last 30...