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  1. Woodruff Carbs

    Some of what we do

    When we get a carb either in person or by mail, first we consult with the customer on the application and collect as much info as possible on the vehicle. Then an inspection and disassembly, followed by cleaning. The method of cleaning will vary depending on the condition of the carb and what...
  2. Woodruff Carbs

    Some of what we do

    We offer mild to wild. Here is a dirt track carb for the unlimited small block class.
  3. Woodruff Carbs

    My repop BBD Carburetor

    I quit taking them as cores even. The Chinese motor craft 2bbls are a nightmare also.
  4. Woodruff Carbs

    Old -timer tricks for preventing rust

    I once bought a 65 4dr dart from an old timer. He offer to put it on his outside lift and undercoat it. He used gear oil and cut it with K1. Afterwards he asked “Do you know of a good, long dirt road?” Yes, I said. He told me to tie a pine branch to the front bumper, and keep driving up and down...
  5. Woodruff Carbs

    Thermoquad or Quadrajet Which one do I want?

    Don’t buy that eBay carb for your imperial! That is for an 85 and up with computer controlled metering rods. They called the 3C feedback carburetors. The very last of the 4bbl Mohicans.
  6. Woodruff Carbs

    Thermoquad or Quadrajet Which one do I want?

    Thermo-Quads are not quite that scary, and I’m not aware of 21 settings. 14 tops. For every T.Q. I get that needs the main body remachined I get 3 Quadra jets that have the top plate out of kilter. That is why they sell the thick top plate gaskets. Again, not real scary. Yes, tuning parts are...
  7. Woodruff Carbs

    Thermoquad or Quadrajet Which one do I want?

    What should have been on it factory?
  8. Woodruff Carbs

    Hello, From Woodruff Carburetor Specialties

    We are a full service carb shop in Youngstown Ohio. Owned and operated by a lifelong Mopar enthusiast and longtime drag racer, we are proud to offer services of Performance, Restoration, and Rebuild in Auto, Marine , and Industrial. We are also having great success with E85 conversions . We are...
  9. Woodruff Carbs

    Introducing New Member: Woodruff Carbs

    Location: Youngstown