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    FOR SALE 1977 Plymouth Volare

    Nice clean daily driver. /6 727 Pa state inspected until 7/22. 103403 miles NEW 15" matching tires all the way around. Yes the wheels are like new 15" police wheels mounted balanced powder coated with poverty caps. Complete service and full tune up including plug wires. new heater core 8/21...
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    FOR SALE Remote out side mirrors

    Both in very good condition, function as they should NO kinks. Mirrors are very good also. Part #s Chrome one is 3861327-60533-301-530-93 for the P side Painted is 3861371-60551-301-53098 for the D side $165 for the pair + shipping LOWER 48 ONLY.
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    Outside Remote Mirrors Value

    The 77 Volare I recently purchased came with two remote out side mirrors. Which I do not intend to install. One is chrome and one is white with colored stripes. One is for the left and the other is for the right. Plan is to list them here for sale.........However I do not know the value...
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    Fuel tank sender

    Need a fuel tank tank float unit for my 77 Volare. Local jobbers don't show one.
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    77 Volare Purchase Tuesday

    First F body ever. Been a B body man for over 50 years. I'll post pictures when I get it here.