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    Making your life that much easier now with PayPal

    We have been asked over the last couple a years why we do not accept PayPal as many of you solely use your Paypal account to make purchases for your cars in order to keep peace with your significant other instead of putting it on a credit card LOL . Well we have listened and now you can make...
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    New Products for 2014

    Hey Guys, We just finished up our spring 2014 catalog. We have added many exciting & new products. Thanks James
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    New Years Front End Kit Sale Extended

    Start the New Year in confidence knowing that your muscle car can take on the sharpest if curves as well as the straight a ways. Keep your tires firmly planted with one of PST's front end kits. Sale now extended through January 12th with free shipping within the US (48 States)
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    PST's End of Year Front End Kit Sales Start Monday !!!!!!

    Sales Starts Monday December 16th get your Front End Kit before its to late.
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    It's Project Time

    It’s Project Time The Car show season is winding down that means time for improvements. Now is the time to thinks about all the improvements that you have put off on your muscle car during the summer. PST carries an array of stock replacement suspension parts as well as performance parts that...
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    Mopar Memorial Day Front End Kit Day Sale

    Note: Can Not Be Combined With Other Discounts
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    Valentines Day Done the Right Way !!!!

    That is in a guys opinion. Treat your girl right, That is your Mopar to some delicious bushings, adjusting sleeves and maybe a ball joint removal tool.
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    PST's Super Bowl Celebration Front End Kit Sale

    So who do think is going to win the Super Bowl this Year? Get your order in on a new front end kit before your super bowl party hang over gets you! PST will be running a sale from now till February 4th on all front end kits. Order any Front End Kit online and receive 15% off the original...
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    Front End Kit Sale Extended!!!!

    15% off Front End Kit Sale Extended Promo Code 15FEK Due to the overwhelming response to our end of the rear sale we will be extending the sale till the 6th of January!!!!!! Get your order in!
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    Wishing FFMJBO Members a Happy Holiday

    From all of us here at Performance Suspension Technology we wish you a safe and happy holiday. Remember, Front End Kit Blow Sale Ends Dec 31st. 15% off Any Front End Kit. Use Coupon Code 15FEK
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    Performance Suspension Technology Front End Kits End of Year Sale 15% off!!!!!!!

    PST will be running a sale from now till the end of the year on all front end kits. Order any Front End Kit online and receive 15% off the original kit price. This offer ends at midnight on the 31st. This is on online orders only and can not be combined with any other coupons. Enter Coupon...
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    Cyber monday only

    Cyber Monday Shop Till That Mouse Breaks or Until That Car is Complete!!!!!!!!!! For 24 Hours ONLY Starting at 12 AM Monday to 11:59 PM, We're offering 15% off any Order Placed Through the Internet Over $200. Place the Order on our Site at WWW.P-S-T.COM and in the Notes Section put the word...
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    PST Now Offers Replacement Spring Hangers and Reinforcement Plates !!!!!!

    Make any Mopar restoration or leaf spring replacement complete with PST’s new line of leaf spring hangers and reinforcement plates. Why fight with your old and rusted spring hangers? Save time, money, and your knuckles with our OEM fit spring hangers that are made from heavy duty steel sporting...
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    FMJ Bodies Only Member's Discount

    The Forum Member’s Discount: · Forum member will receive 10% off any order over $200 dollars or more · ORDERS BY PHONE: You will need to ask the salesman for the discount and say that you are a member of FMJ Bodies Only. You will also need to give the sales person your USERNAME...
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    PST's New Years Resolution

    I would like to just take some time to introduce myself here on the forums. My name is James, I am the new Marketing Supervisor at PST. I have been employed with PST going on three years. . I started out at PST as one of their techs in their customer service department. My background is...
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    Free PST Catalogs for your up coming shows or chapter meetings.

    Hi All, If anyone is having a show or chapter meeting in the up coming months and would like free catalogs from PST to pass out please let me know. We would be more than happy to provide catalogs and strickers for any event. Thanks PST Marketing