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    SOLD 1980 Volare 47k original miles

    Mostly original. 225 /6 Power steering, manual everything else. Fresh tune up. New exhaust. Runs and drives great. $3000 obo.
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    FOR SALE 8.25 Stuff

    Garage cleaning. Everything to build an 8.25. 8.25 rear complete less drums. Don't remember gears but think has sure grip - $200 Yukon YDGC8.25-27-1 new in box sure grip - $300 ($502 at Jegs) Motive R8.25RMK installation kit new - $50 ($83 at Jegs) 3.23 ring and pinion gears used good...
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    SOLD AHB Oil Pressure Gauge

    No problem. Good to hear from the old gang.
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    SOLD AHB Oil Pressure Gauge

    4196930 AHB oil pressure gauge with wiring harness. $40 plus ship.
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    Rear axle widths?

    The Lebaron is 54.34 inches flange to flange. The Dak is 59 inches.
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    Wandered over from Farley's

    Hey, just wandered over from I have owned one J, two Fs, and nine M Bodies. I don't have any F/M/J bodies right now, but always looking. Greetings, Hutch