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  1. 80mirada

    FOR SALE HVAC vacuum harness

    this is the vac harnesses that goes on the back of the heater controls. still flexible. $5 plus postage.
  2. 80mirada

    SOLD 26 inch radiator

    I have an older 26 inch two core replacement radiator, aftermarket. I pulled it from a running 5th Avenue, 17 years ago and have only used it for mockups since I have had it. it is used and may have overspray. $20 plus actual shipping.
  3. 80mirada

    Merry Christmas, 2019

    Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and hope everyone's holidays are joyful.
  4. 80mirada

    spotted one in the wild

    I spotted a Black or Nightwatch Blue Mirada this evening on the way back to West Bend, near Allenton.
  5. 80mirada

    WANTED door and cowl grommets for wiring

    I am getting ready to wire my door locks and windows, need the grommets that go in the door and the cowl. I seem to have lost one of my sets.
  6. 80mirada

    Volare models on the workbench

    Since cooler weather is coming, and the Mirada is still in storage, I am back at the model bench. Round 2 rerealeased the 1980 Fuzz Duster Volare kit in July, and I recently picked one up. The new release has Road Runner decals and nicely printed GT Radials. I added a Super Pak flare set.
  7. 80mirada

    Exile in Tennessee coming to an end

    For those who don't know, I am an Iowan who has been living in exile in Tennessee. My lovely wife has spent three years studying to become an Episcopal priest at the Seminary of the South at the University of the South, Sewanee. She has graduated, I have left my crappy University job, and we...
  8. 80mirada

    Body Designations

    So the Imperial in the thread, '"C" What I Spotted', got me into digging. I had always thought 67-73 Imperials were D-body. Starting in 1960 with the A-body Chrysler was "going with a chronological series" with their designations. The A-body was introduced as a 1960, B-body came in 1962...
  9. 80mirada

    Time for some art work

  10. 80mirada

    80 Mirada,

    1980 Dodge Mirada, Originally purchased for $40 from a good friend (he paid $50 and took the valve covers). The shiny black paint was poorly done, and there was a lot of body damage that needed to be repaired.
  11. 80mirada

    found a new source for soft parts They have J-body window felt sets, and a number of other FMJ soft parts.