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    WANTED Wanted: LeBaron Limited LS

    Team: I would love to source a Chrysler LeBaron LS Limited, like the one pictured on the brochure. I've never seen one in person; and there aren't even that many on the Internet. Ideally, it would be just like the one in the brochure. I know they exist, I've seen pictures of used (and long...
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    1981 Cordoba LS

    Recently my car, sold it to another forum member, quite disappointed to see it here: 1981 Chrysler Cordoba LS | eBay
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    Motor Trend article on F M J bodies.

    Motor Trend is spreading some F M J love! Three Forgotten Mopars of the 1970s
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    Unable to update "For Sale" Status

    Greetings: I'm having trouble with a For-Sale listing. I'd like to adjust it to have the prefix "Sold" at this time. Also, several of the threads from the conversation have gone missing. Thanks! (For Sale listing is for Cordoba LS under my username.)
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    SOLD 1981 Cordoba LS

    Greetings: I've decided to sell my Cordoba LS. I bought this car with about 9,000 miles on the clock, now stands at about 23,000. It's a 225 car, runs and drives fine. All options work, including air conditioning and cruise control. It leaks oil, I think from the mail seal. I drive it so...
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    FOUND J-Body Hood Trim Wanted

    Hello! I have a 81 Cordoba LS. I'm looking to replace a piece of trim that is in pretty bad shape. The trim piece in question is one of three pieces that trim the hood and fenders, facing the windshield. Of the three, I need the little piece (it's about 5 inches wide) that lives on...
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    FOR SALE J-Body Windshield (CL Ad | Knoxville)

    As these seem to be difficult to find, I thought I'd share this Craigslist ad: Dodge Mirada Windshield (new)
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    5th Ave mentioned in today's "Autoweek Daily Drive"

    I get Autoweek's Daily Drive email each day. "Murilee Martin" posts these classic adds (among other cool bits). Today's Classic ad: 1985 Chrysler 5th Avenue: 1985: Chrysler Fifth Avenue is a rich cheapskate's luxury car
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    SOLD "5 on 5" Cordoba / Mirada 15" Wheels For Sale

    Hello everyone: If anyone is interested, I've posted-for-sale on eBay a set of refinished, 5-on-5 15" Wheels. Let me know if you have any questions! Chrysler Cordoba Dodge Mirada "5 on 5" 15" Wheels | Mopar! | eBay
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    FOR SALE 1978 Dodge Diplomat Medallion (Not Mine, SC)

    1978 Dodge Diplomat Medallion For Sale in Anderson, South Carolina | Old Car Online
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    1980 Dodge Aspen T-Tops (CL)

    I was trolling my local Craig's List listings. If Aspens are your thing, this one looks pretty legit: 1980 Dodge Aspen - First Time Buyer Programs! Ask Today!
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    Today's Junk Yard Treasure: 1988 Gran Fury

    Junkyard Treasure: 1988 Plymouth Gran Fury
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    Back from the Body Shop!

    Hi guys! Darlene was injured on June 2nd by an errant cab driver. I picked her up last week, and I’m pleased the body work turned out great. I only received the replacement pin-stripes today, and applied them this evening. I’m pleased to report that the car is back to 5 stars. Darlene is now...
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    WANTED Pass Side Rear Wheel Moulding

    Greetings. Darlene the Cordoba was hit today. She's already at the body shopped to be repaired. The rear-wheel-well molding, passenger's side, was dinged -- and I'd like to replace. Any leads on an NOS or nearly perfect unit would be greatly appreciated.
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    Junk Yard Treasure

    Did you guys see today's Junk Yard Treasures write-up? Junkyard Treasure: 1988 Dodge Diplomat Salon
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    1980 Police Car Brochure

    This is kind of interesting, Mopar's 1980 Police Car lineup. I didn't know you could get the A38 (Pursuit Package, NOT "Interceptor" package, thank you very much!) with Slant 6 engines. Check it out: Directory Index: Dodge/1980_Dodge/1980_Dodge_Police_Vehicles_Brochure
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    Ignition Swich Mechanism Failure

    Happy Sunday! I just completed a 600 mile road trip in Darlene the Cordoba. It’s an ’81 for those of you who don’t know. She ran great, but I did run into a problem. I’m looking for some insight into what to tear into to fix the issue. Before my road trip, I spent an evening detailing it...
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    FOR SALE 88 Gran Fury on eBay

    Plymouth: Diplomat Grand Fury SE Base Sedan 4-Door I don't recall every seeing one with the 5th Avenue style roof treatment.
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    ¿ High Output Alternator for /6 ?

    Hey guys: My Cordoba is sort of a rolling hobby for me -- I've upgraded the stereo, it has a sub mounted under the seat, I have a CB radio and HAM radio installed. None of these items are big current drawers, but they add up. While idling, lights on, A/C running, and my gadgets on, the...
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    FOR SALE Ebay Find: 79 Volare 4 Speed

    Sweet: Plymouth: Other Base Wagon 4-Door
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    87 Dodge Diplomat -- Near Chicago -- Pretty Nice!

    1987 Dodge Diplomat 88xxx Miles, Mint Condition
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    "Jumping" a 1984 Dodge Diplomat

    I grew up in the late 80's, which meant my geeky friends and I documented a lot of our shenanigans with a VHS camcorder. We also grew up in the country, which gave us lots of cover to do all kinds of crazy things without adults looking on! I finally got around to digitizing some really old...
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    1981 Chrysler Imperial (Ebay | WOW!)
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    1979 Dodge Aspen Wagon $1300 (CL Ad)
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    1979 Dodge Aspen $3800 (CL Ad)