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    1979 E58 360-4V

    How were these engines "finished" at the engine plant? I've seen E58s in L'il Red Trucks with chrome rocker covers and a chrome air cleaner lid and I've seen what's supposed to be a "stock" E58 in a car that has black rocker covers and a black air cleaner lid. I'm redoing an E58 for a '79...
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    Torsion Bar Bushings

    Is there a current supplier for rubber torsion bar bushings? Firm Feel only has poly. Energy Suspension has nothing. Thanks,
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    100amp alternator

    Looking to upgrade my '79 wagon 225-2v to a 100amp alternator. Finding the alternator is the least of it. The mounting brackets seem to be unique to the 100amp. The parts catalog shows a dual belt drive for this alternator, but only a single groove pulley on the fan as well as on the crank...
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    Steering column interchange

    I've about given up on finding an "F" body floorshift TILT steering column, so I'm wondering if anyone has ever used a "J" body column in an "F" body?
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    WANTED 79 Aspen 8¼ axle

    Looking for anybody in SE Michigan/ SW Ontario with an 8¼" rear axle with 2.71 gears in it. Don't need the brakes.
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    FOR SALE 1979 Parts Catalog

    November 1978 edition of the 1979 Passenger Car Parts Catalog. Covers X,S,E,T,F,M,L body cars. Complete with section tabs. No binder. Currently bound with zip ties. $40.00US plus shipping.
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    FOR SALE 1979 Parts Catalog

    1979 Pass car parts catalog. November 1978 edition. All of the pages only. No binder. Complete, clean and in decent condition. $40.00 US plus postage/shipping.
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    Exhaust Manifold Differences

    Are there any differences between the exhaust manifolds on a 318-4V and an E58 360? I keep hearing both "yes" and "no" and the parts book seems to be saying 'no'.