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    Supercoupe Build

    Hello everyone my buddy bought a rust free supercoupe shell that i had and wanted to build it. Now he is swapping in a Toyota 2jz that he has sitting around. I know some of you guys will like it and some of you guys will hate it but figured i would share the build with you on here. I will keep...
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    FOR SALE 2 Supercoupes for sale

    I have 2 Super coupes for sale 1st one is a mostly complete car it is a Plymouth with 360 automatic no spoiler, no steering column, no wheels, and no door panels. Car has some rust in the quarter panel on the drivers side. No title..but can probably get one no problem. 2nd car is a Dodge great...
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    FOR SALE Aspen/Volare quarter windows

    I have a set of small quarter windows $50 plus shipping from 28690
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    FOR SALE 76 aspen grille

    I have a 76 aspen grille has 1 broke spot on it but still looks good $175 plus shipping from 28690
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    FOR SALE 1981 Chrysler imperial

    I have a 81 Chrysler imperial still has the electronic fuel injection on it decent car interior needs work car did run when parked about 4 years ago been indoors $1800
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    FOR SALE Mirada CMX

    I have a Mirada CMX for sale it ran when parked it has sat for about 10 years it's good for parts interior is bad outside is decent $1000 I can get pictures soon
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    FOR SALE Nos supercoupe stripe

    I have a nos supercoupe stripe kit $200 shipped
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    SOLD 1978 Supercoupe Project

    I have a 1978 Supercoupe needs some work to be road worthy again. I have the full quarter to go with it and it does not have a steering column in it right now but I have one to go in it. Very nice car with a good potential I do have a clean title for it. No wheels and tires. Located in Valdese...
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    What is a supercoupe oem front spoiler worth

    I have an original 1 piece supercoupe front spoiler with a few cracks not perfect I'm wondering what it's worth I can't find one anywhere for a reference.. also is anyone interested in it
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    FOR SALE Volare Aspen Grilles

    I have 3 grilles left and don't really want to post on Ebay 1 is in almost perfect condition it's for a 78-79 pics attached I also have 2 for an 80 up 1 with headlight bezels 1 with out they do have some broke tabs as you can see in the pics The 78-79 grille is $200 plus shipping The 80 grille...
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    FOR SALE F body parts for sale on ebay

    I'm getting ready to post a lot of f body parts on ebay so if anyone is interested in parts go look on my ebay site to see what all I have thanks all!! Will post the link in a little bit
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    Introducing New Member: Bridger Bollinger

    I have a bunch of f body's and a lot of different stuff too Location: Valdese