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  1. chmirada

    WANTED Wanted: LeBaron Limited LS

    Nice one here. 1978 Chrysler LeBaron · Coupe 2D
  2. chmirada

    WANTED How to Find Parts for your Car

    Great post. I do have a parts book and knew about the sources except rear counter. I actually got some parts from you Marty through Parts Voice. I remember back in the early 90's when you can go into a Chrysler or Dodge dealer and easily get parts for these cars , especially wiper trans parts...
  3. chmirada

    Big block in a Plymouth Volare

    Nice ride BTW.
  4. chmirada

    Big block in a Plymouth Volare

    Where are in Mass are you? I'm in Worcester.
  5. chmirada

    I Hate My Power Steering!

    Wow , if you are going through all this mess have you heard of a company called Steer N Gear? Check out their catalog. I'm not advertising for them I have a stage 2 gear but wish I went all the way with the firmest gear. It's a tad better than an AHB steering box. I'm quite satisfied with it...
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    FOR SALE J body parts

  7. chmirada

    FOR SALE Rt in New Hampshire

    This is not my car. This is a posting on FB Marketplace.
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    FOR SALE Imperial project car N.J.

    Sorry , folks this was something I saw on the marketplace.
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    FOR SALE Imperial project car N.J.
  10. chmirada

    FOR SALE 1987 Fifth Avenue Parts Car

    Ok , thanks for getting back .
  11. chmirada

    FOR SALE 1987 Fifth Avenue Parts Car

    How are the floors ? How are the frame rails? Rochester NY?
  12. chmirada

    F body on Hemmings Auctions 9hrs left
  13. chmirada

    76 Aspen Handeling

    Don't forget Steer & Gear . They also sell 3 stages of firmness steering boxes. I have a stage 2 box that Im happy with but if I have to get another I would go stage 3 . They are less than a Firm Feel box but others may have mixed thoughts about them.
  14. chmirada

    WANTED Front Frame rails , East Coast

    Thanks for looking out but that's out of my reach , Im sure somebody closer can scoop those from you.
  15. chmirada

    WANTED Front Frame rails , East Coast

    Thanks . I wish this car still looked like that. Last time i saw that car it was all torn apart in a pond of water up at Jacks. Next school break in Feb i may take a ride up there there is also a black Cordoba up there as well.
  16. chmirada

    WANTED Front Frame rails , East Coast

    Im looking for a good set of front frame rails for my Mirada, in east cost location . I know there must be someone out there cutting up or someone that has decent rails . Can be a FM or J body . If worse comes to worse I do have an alternative source . Im in the central Massachusetts area .If...
  17. chmirada

    J body and M body floor pans

    Question, does anyone know for sure if J body and M body(4door) floor pans are the same ? I stripped several back in the day but i never paid close attention. Don't know for sure but im thinking I may need floor pans due to the T tops leaking . Car is still in tack, need to remove interior...
  18. chmirada

    Where to find rubber parts for J body's?

    Restoration Specialties has some seals for the J body Mirada just Google that name .
  19. chmirada

    Mirada Rear Bumper Fillers - Have you done it?

    I forgot to mention Vfn is another option but are a bit out of the budget for now plus it takes some time for these guys to process the order .
  20. chmirada

    Mirada Rear Bumper Fillers - Have you done it?

    Lol that's my YouTube post on the fit of these panels. The "home life" took me away from my project . I just moved so once I get settled I will be back on this. I was so pissed on the customer service these guys provide . The outcome was that they refused to take the panels and I had to take...
  21. chmirada

    Mopar Action

    Yes they are biased towards towards muscle era and newbie stuff .Best stuff was back in the 90's. Don't you notice how many pages back then compared to now?
  22. chmirada

    The Miradas did well this weekend!

    I know it's a bit late ,but it was nice meeting you and your son , and the two beast in person . Nice job on that conversion ,and Congrats.Thanks for the info on the front seats , I may go that route since mine are burnt up by the sun. I wish I had got there earlier ,it was burning hot . I wish...
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    Try these guys. Restoration Specialties 814-467-9842 They have some .
  24. chmirada

    Mirada passenger door

    120 for the door , no idea on shipping rate, i will have to be shipped via freight on a pallet.