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    1977 2-door Diplomat

    Rust. The early ones are prone to it especially the front frame areas and you know there's something going on under the vinyl. The tail lights are lebaron ones. The shift linkage looks to be there behind the rod holding the transmission up but yep be expecting to need some parts which should at...
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    Same question one more time

    If you have to switch manifolds or do any exhaust work now either because the manifolds exit in a different spot or the exhaust is trash or whatever go headers now. There's no point spending money now on new exhaust psrts only to be redoing it with headers later.
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    Same question one more time

    There are people on here using TTI headers. Never heard of them having to change shifter type.
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    Random Pics

    It's also on the door handle and rockers which are plastic. It almost looks like it was by grease fire or something that caused trasfer.
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    Random Pics

    Wtf did the owner get on it?
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    1988 5th brake rotor/drum questions

    I've used partsavatar before and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. My only two complaints is they can be a bit slow shipping and a few times I've made an order and they came back with the item not being in stock.
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    1988 5th brake rotor/drum questions

    Easier then that, for 7 1/4 the axle tubes get narrower at the center housing, for 8 1/4 they're the same diameter from end to end. Only applies from about 1981-89 cars.
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    WANTED Looking for 4 barrel kickdown parts

    If anyone has something around they no longer need im trying to find a 4bbl kick down assembly for thermoquad and 727. Thanks
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    this is what i'm busy with

    We're still using one of those trucks as a winter beater and go anywhere 4x4.
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    Random Pics

    For cross border shopping advance is all we have local and it's been pretty good.
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    Random Pics

    This was my yard a couple weeks ago. No better now. That's a table.
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    WANTED M Body electronic trunk latch

    All M body ones from 80-89 are the same. Probably also the same as the older ones and F and J too.
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    Spare parts for oil leakage

    It looks like there's more then just a pan leak going on with that much leak from the torque converter area.
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    7.25 9 and 10 bolt differences

    I never paid attention to 7.25 but thought the biggest difference wsmas that axle tube diameter and the gears were the same.
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    Sucks about the accident, glad everyone is ok and your car fixable. And it would probably feel even worse if it was an aggressive bad driver rather then a new one like that. Funny the other day I saw an ad for slotted mags and was really hoping they'd fit my truck.. but they were too small.
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    Engine Pricing Question

    I've seen engines that need a rebuild go for more then that and then you also hit the issue where people pull that 200,000mi engine and think it's worth a bit because it still runs. Or people start selling the heads separate but don't reduce the price of what's left. Transmissions usually a bit...
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    Finally made the switch to Mopar

    Along the lines of what is said above any time I've dealt with 318s I always try to make sure the time and money going into parts is mainly bolt on stuff that could be moved to a 360 when the time comes, because it always has unless I just wanted a driver. The same as why put a lot of time and...
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    I found this thread doing some exhaust research and as an update to this magnum exhaust manifold subject I was looking over one of my M's today and it has truck magnums on it, specifically the 92-93 ones. They're a tight fit and the exhaust isn't stock but they're on there. Here also is an...
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    1988 5th brake rotor/drum questions

    Oddly enough the first time I had to replace drums they gave me 11" ones which of course were wrong and the 10 ones were too tight with new shoes so the old ones went back on. I used those new drums a couple years later on another car.
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    1988 5th brake rotor/drum questions

    The 80s M body drums were finned. Only the early ones didn't have them.
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    1988 5th brake rotor/drum questions

    Good to know about the drums. If I need them I'll buy local so they're returnable. I've had problems before with rock auto sending bad parts and the return wasn't worth it so now I only buy stuff from there that has a pretty low chance of having problems.
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    318 upgrades

    Sticking with a 318 you would be better off to get a set of 302 heads from an 85-90 318. They're a better design and should up the compression a bit and affordable since they were on every 2bbl 318 of that time period. I've always changed my distributor over to the mopar performance one altho I...
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    Dodge Aspen Grille on ebay

    Ouch. Its even cracked and weathered. Might as well buy a parts car if you're looking at paying those prices for parts.
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    1976 Plymouth Volare Wagon Craigslist

    I think the bring a trailer price is realistic for the one that was being pushed here. Some cars on there go for a lot more then expected but that might also be because they're a lot of people on there with deeper pockets to begin with. I like it for the detailed pictures you don't see anywhere...