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    1988 5th brake rotor/drum questions

    For me with my AHB the problem wasn't finding the parts or good price (Rockauto had everything), it was the quality. EVERYTHING seemed to be made in China regardless of the brand and was junk. It was not always this way. I hope this site is still good.
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    AHB parts car in MN

    I see some telltale signs it is indeed an AHB
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    Movie Night

    No Country For Old Men Dang that's a well written, well acted movie.
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    Haha no problem yeah your old car. It's tough finding an AHB let alone a particular one. I hope...

    Haha no problem yeah your old car. It's tough finding an AHB let alone a particular one. I hope you can find a similar one to enjoy. They are getting really hard to find now. Thanks for the video I'll check it out! It doesn't look familiar.
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    Finally made the switch to Mopar

    I have to throw some credit to the 8.25 rear. I've put some serious power to a couple without failure. Maybe I've been lucky but two of them have held up to crate engines. First was Magnum 360 making 400 lb/ft of torque and sure grip rear. Granted not a lot of hook up and I wasn't racing the car...
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    1988 5th brake rotor/drum questions

    Ahh. I didn't know that. I thought only the police 11" ones were.
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    1988 5th brake rotor/drum questions

    I just checked Feebay for "NOS Mopar brake drum" and the closest thing for an M Body was this, and I don't think it'll fit. It's 10" finned drum for Cordoba. Looks to wide too me like 10x3? and it's only one. I don't have part # in front of me for M bodies but I don't think they cross over for...
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    1988 5th brake rotor/drum questions

    Yes, that was another mistake on my part. If they are available local definitely do it that way so you can march back up to a counter and hand them to an employee and get your money back. I'd also keep my eyes open for NOS ones at decent price even if you don't need them now. The 11" police ones...
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    1988 5th brake rotor/drum questions

    If you're going to buy new drums beware. So much junk right out of the box. I bought a set of Reybestos 11" finned drums for my AHB and they were junk. I would have had to try and have them turned to have any chance of using them and Rockauto wanted me to send them back for a refund. The...
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    Unless you're absolutely in love with this car I wouldn't pay that. I like the '74-'78 New Yorkers and Newports and would love to have one but I'd rather pay half that and get a real clean stock one, but as written it's all in one's taste. And I also agree all the snags should be worked out for...
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    Y pipe Issues

    TTI Headers
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    Random Pics

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    K I am wanting to buy a newer used vehicle for a more modern engine/trans swap into my 79 volare' duster/roadrunner.

    I wouldn't say "expect" to have to change the heads. Yes some cracked but these were in 100's of thousands of trucks without cracking heads. I had several crate Magnum 360's without issue. I'd run one and IF you experienced an issue then replace heads.
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    Dash pad removal

    I bought an Accuform Dash Cap for my Aspen and it was very good! Painted it to match with SEM interior paint, which is also great. More work involved than a replacement pad but well worth it.
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    My Dodge Super Coupe

    Love it! Always wanted one too. Settled for Aspen E58/A38. I love the E58; great engine! You even got a good grille.
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    What is no-brainer to replace with T-bars?

    I have aluminum intake but iron heads small block 408. Thanks.
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    So.... Holly Sniper 2300?

    Here's the linkage setup I needed with my FiTech
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    So.... Holly Sniper 2300?

    My latest belief is that if you can't get an in-take fuel pump system with an EFI swap, stay with carb. The pump outside of the tank can be problematic with heat issues.
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    What is no-brainer to replace with T-bars?

    I've done those with urethane too thanks. I was actually thinking about an aftermarket sway bar though. I do have an AHB so it already has a larger one but I'm tempted to do an addco bar (if available for M's).
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    Here's a way to ruin an AHB :(

    I get the whole use of this car, I just hate the choice. This is what Crown Vics are for.
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    What is no-brainer to replace with T-bars?

    Okay thanks. I was picturing things not looking in engine bay at time (break at work) and didn't picture the steering box being replaced from underneath but I just want to take advantage of the room however possible. Thanks again. Now I'm just waiting on them and they'll probably wait for...
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    Here's a way to ruin an AHB :(

    Of course, to each his own but I hate to see AHB's done like this.
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    What is no-brainer to replace with T-bars?

    Ordering Firmfeels 1.25" T-bars for my '89 AHB now that they finally are manufacturing again. I'm trying to think what I should also replace while front end is dropped. Everything has already been done as far as suspension with FF stuff (solid bushings, all urethane, Fast Ratio arms, etc. Is...
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    *new* vinyl floor mat from ACC for M-Bodies - anyone try it?

    Good to see someone reputable manufacturing these!
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    This is getting ridiculous

    Yeah, you open it and the product is almost half way down the packaging.