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    FOUND Instrument cluster - Fifth Avenue

    I'm looking for the instrument gauge cluster with the Temp & battery charge level indicator for my 87 fifth avenue.
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    FOR SALE Rear Spring U-Plate Cover

    I saw what appears to be a good useable rear spring U-Plate in this U-Tube video at 15:08 time. If you need one and don't want to pay $118.00 from, contact Dave and inquire.
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    Hurst Equipped

    Converted my 87 Fifth Avenue to the 3 pedal variety several years ago. No issues other than the large grin every time I pull another gear. Conversion was from a 76 Aspen R/T that was being parted out. (20) 87 Hurst Equipped Fifth Avenue - YouTube
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    3 pedal set up in an m body

    I converted my '87 Fifth using F body components. Most of it is drop in. Issues encountered were small and easy to overcome - relocate high beam switch to floor and fabricate a "Z" bar ball stud pivot that attaches to the bellhousing. Take your time - you will enjoy your M much more.
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    Brake boster clearance with headers

    I'm using Summit part# SUM-G9040. The tube from #3 is the issue.
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    Brake boster clearance with headers

    OK, I need some advice and recommendations on header clearance to the power brake booster in an '87 FIfth. Several years ago, I installed headers and 2.5 in duals out the back. At that time I encountered a slight interference with the power brake booster and the drivers side header. To...
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    J-body parts

    alf44 --- I have been attending Mopars in the park back when it was held in Shakopee. I enjoy going to the Farmington location as it is much closer for me. I'm in SE MN. near Rochester. Ever make it to Stewartville for the Stewie Cruisers show every Friday? Mike
  8. 1987 Chry Fifth Ave

    1987 Chry Fifth Ave

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    Lets see those M Bodies

    No. Black with red leather interior
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    Lets see those M Bodies

    My '87 Fifth
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    Windows tinted

    Looks Sweet.....what color is the interior?
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    Bushings installed!!! Job was straight forward with no issues. Follow the installation instructions on the site. Great improvement in handling.
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    I saw an 85 Fifth Avenue at the car meet tonight...

    Sweet looking ride....I have a Black '87. Where is this car located? Would be cool to have "Salt & Pepper" in the garage!!
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    I just received a set of these solid bushings....they look great. Have not installed them yet but will keep ya posted.