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  1. ramenth

    My apologies

    Indeed is a good word. The financial freedoms coming with a good job is going to get some things done around the house. It's just finding the time to get everything done. The cool part is, I qualify for a week's vacation at the six month mark. And another week at the twelve month mark. That...
  2. ramenth

    My apologies

    My only fear is making sure I get things done. Shift starts at 7 am and I'm habitually early. So, figure 4 in the morning wake up calls. And out of here in the 5:30-5:45 mark. At least I'll be home around 4:30 in the afternoon, with plenty of daylight to get things done around the house. And...
  3. ramenth

    My apologies

    Sorry, guys, been busy. I want to update you as to what's going on. The good news: I've got a job. Going back into two things I know, painting and building rail cars. I'm starting the 25th. Good pay, with automatic pay increases, the first at two weeks (after the first certification) the...
  4. ramenth

    Car Of The Month?

    And I want to thank you for that, Ed. Check my apology thread for an update.
  5. ramenth

    My apologies

    Indeed, God has a plan. When I left my job to stay home and raise Cyrus my former boss asked what we were gonna do for income (she and I were both working) and I told him, "God has provided for us up to now, why should I doubt that He'll continue to do so?" Yeah, we're under the gun on a few...
  6. ramenth

    My apologies

    Thanks, folks. Prayers always help as does the moral support. I've definitely lived through worse. This came out of the blue and has hit Karli pretty hard. She loved that job and the people she worked with so she was fairly depressed this past week. Now, though, typical of my wife, she's got...
  7. ramenth

    My apologies

    Prayers are always helpful.
  8. ramenth

    My apologies

    Been a bit busy with life this past week. As most of you know Karli and I decided that I would be a stay at home dad and I left my job back in December. Last Friday, just as I was gearing up to edit Aspen500's article on his car to post in the Car of Month and working up the interview section...
  9. ramenth

    Introducing New Member: cudaboy340

    Welcome aboard!
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    Introducing New Member: hummingbird53

    deleted.... double post
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    Introducing New Member: Toytrex

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    Introducing New Member: Idle Ender

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    Introducing New Member: V8TV

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  14. ramenth

    April Car of the Month VOTING

    Sorry for the short delay, guys, but sometimes life gets in the way. Here it is, for you voting pleasure, who will be April's Car of the Month in the stock M-body category? 89.Fifth Captain Caravelle rcmaniac791 Darth-Car Dr LeBaron Mr C gporeilly --- Post updated ---...
  15. ramenth

    Saved 86 Dippy

    Deer hits. My late wife wiped out 2 header panels on her 5th, both within a month. Got to point I had to pull the header off my Dip to put on it. She was under strict orders to not hit any deer with that header on it.
  16. ramenth

    Introducing New Member: 1980 LeBaron

    Welcome aboard!
  17. ramenth

    Saved 86 Dippy

    Damage isn't too bad. Looks like a good platform to get up and rolling
  18. ramenth

    Web Site Lock Ups

    I get it every once in while, running Google. Was typing out a PM the other day and it took forever as the computer kept freezing as I was typing. Don't seem to have that trouble on the other forum sites. Just figured it was my computer or my wi-fi.
  19. ramenth

    Car of the Month for April 2016 M body Stock submissions

    Don't know. We've got a competition going, though! Sunday I'll be consolidating everyone into a poll, so we have two more days of open enrollment.
  20. ramenth

    Introducing New Member: JMGray

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  21. ramenth

    I Hate Buicks

    At least he got out of the way. When I had my shop in Horseheads and lived in Elmira the quickest connecting road was Lake Road. Most of it was 40mph until you got in the city then it dropped down to 30. I'd get behind people who'd do 30 in the 40 and then slow down to 20 in the 30. They...
  22. ramenth

    Car of the Month for April 2016 M body Stock submissions

    I would say minor upgrades are fine. Wheels, stereo's, add-ons. Nothing mind blowing and nothing that would change the performance characteristics to a large degree. A few upgrades to the suspension? Sure. An AlterK? No. A factory 318 two barrel with an aluminum 4 barrel intake. Sure. Dropping...
  23. ramenth

    Car of the Month for April 2016 M body Stock submissions

    One would think. It is a new venture, though, maybe after a few months folks will warm up to it.
  24. ramenth

    Introducing New Member: benjamin acevedo

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  25. ramenth

    Car of the Month for April 2016 M body Stock submissions

    Gonna mix it up a little bit by putting a fairly stock car in behind a modified. Let's see the best of the stock M-body on the site. This will be one week of open enrollment before we go into two weeks of voting.