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    Man, I miss summer already

    Come on down to TEXAS just now getting cool enough for stuff, we have lots of Yanks and Liberals come down. LOL Note" Sometimes we shoot the Liberals and keep the Yanks!!
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    1980 volare value

    ^^^ I have been to Carlisle twice n the past few decades, love the grounds the show even the Yankees there are pretty nice folk!!! The F bodies are under rated models. I say that having owned about every E, A and B body made!!! I have been on FABO years and what is so funny, there...
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    FOR SALE 1979 Aspen R/T T-Top -

    Funny how "us" F body guys consider our cars always close to worthless even the rare-ish and desirable cars. I admit $10 grand is not chump change but survivor cars are scarce. Good luck with the sale.
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    1980 volare value

    Here in SE Texas 45 minutes N of Houston. I placed my 76 318 RR and my 79 slant Volare on FB here several months ago . Mine sound a lot like your except both painted last fall. Excellent paint. new tires, run/drive perfect new radiators etc. Side lovers, great chrome One ad, both cars...
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    Pictures from today.

    ^^^I get it in rolls from Inline Tube.
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    Pictures from today.

    Inline Tube and others offer he armour wrap and also tubing in coils some of which bends easier.
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    WANTED volare: jack and spare tire hold downs

    Cut one out of 16 ga and formed it, close enough
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    WANTED volare: jack and spare tire hold downs

    my 76 and 79 RR have the same type deal for the jack hold down. Where and how the spare rests is different.
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    360cu Engine Upgrades

    What is the rear end gear?, that is the first thing in seat of the pants feel!! Then TC, and don't forget a good tune.
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    FOR SALE Aspen/Volare parts

    Please figure total cost of dash bezel, radio delete with fender plug to Tx 77371
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    FOR SALE $ speed parts

    Sorry, gone.
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    Off season Aspen projects have begun

    Bad on me, BUT I have 95 Ram 3500 bought new, never has had brake fluid ever changed. 25 years, 240000 mi. Always has had good brakes. Guess I am lucky.
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    FOR SALE Parts for 78 Volare

    Is the steering wheel left? Ifso price?
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    Stepping into uncharted territory.....

    I agree! Cool work!
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    Window weather stripping

    Wow! Chap at twice ( or 3 times) the price!
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    FOR SALE pair of sawblade wheels

    What I am saying is they are the usual 5 on 4 1/2 big bolt pattern like on 99% of our old mopars unless a SBP. Just thought there might be some into these. I can use them for spares.
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    FOR SALE pair of sawblade wheels

    5 on 4 1/2, They came right off 76 Volare RR. In fact the other 2 saw blades a are right now on a B body but they are 14's and pretty rusty. YEP they would fit a truck that takes the 5 on 4 1/2. A lot of the 15 x 7 wheels people use also were used in pickups back in the day! I know some...
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    FOR SALE pair of sawblade wheels

    15 x 7 they have some surface rust but they would clean up decent for a driver. $75 plus shipping
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    FOR SALE set of the cast aluminum 10 spoke wheels

    They have AM centers, I bought them and not using them so I will for them for what I have in them. If that is too much that is OK, they don't eat. They need some polishing. $300 plus shipping. Located SE Tx 77371
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    225 SUPER six!

    Back in the hills of SW Mo. we called them Hillside Hemis!!! ha
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    225 SUPER six!

    They may not be fast but thy are durable!
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    Pictures from today.

    I say it is amazing work.
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    Pictures from today.

    You guys have some balls to replace all that! It was so much easier for those guy back on the assembly line to build it new! Like remodeling a home you have to take it apart before you an make it new again!