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    Introducing New Member: New78kitcar

    I have the same going on with my car stripes are so faded out but perfect like yours where they wrap around the door
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    Introducing New Member: New78kitcar

    Thermoquad with lean burn, I have been plastic welding my rear spoiler
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    Introducing New Member: New78kitcar

    Where did you find the decals?
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    Do I have a real kit car?

    That is the parts breakdown from the parts book
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    Introducing New Member: New78kitcar

    Looks like a solid foundation please save it! Here is mine
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    Any one heard from JIMAZ Parts

    Talked with him this weekend he was MIA for a few weeks
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    WANTED Thermoquad

    Guys looking for a t quad for my kit car I am using a late 72 early 73 manifold anyone have one and know of anyone to rebuild one? Thanks. Brett
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    Kit car spoiler repair

    Some strong structural adhesive over the cracks a little sanding she will be good as new!
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    Kit car spoiler repair

    I did not but they were all just long cracks I V 'd out the cracks then plastic welded the staples in now will fill the V with structural epoxy
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    Kit car spoiler repair

    Black R/T is in storage picked this up in october
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    Kit car spoiler repair

    So the kit's spoiler is a little worse for wear many cracks found a tool on Amazon to melt staples into the cracks works awesome nice and sturdy now a little epoxy primer and paint as good as new
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    WANTED Left quarter panel

    Looking for a left quarter panel or partial panel nos or used to repair my kit car anyone?? Typical area under rear lamp on the corner anyone have anything?? Brett
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    WANTED Kit car parts

    Anyone have any A43 kit car parts they want to part with?
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    WANTED Kit car decals

    Looking for any of the A43 kit car decals needing the pinstripe set for a plymouth anyone??
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    Road Runner question

    Those aren't factory birds fyi
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    WANTED AHB tailpipe needed

    Looking for the correct ahb tailpipe anyone have one? Factory one that is lime 3" or so at the end
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    Facebook kit car in ohio

    It was on barn finds when in michigan in dec 2018 here are a couple pics
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    Facebook kit car in ohio

    Anyone know the car in ohio that is for sale on Facebook was originally from Michigan?
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    FOR SALE Vintage air for F body

    Cooter made the 11 hour one way trip to pick it up yesterday in his wife's Prius so it's gone guys.
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    FOR SALE Vintage air for F body

    Could be not sure would like I gone out of my basement someone come get it FREE just come get it!!!!
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    76/77 Aspen R/T emblem

    Guys I am making a emblem for our grilles I made some based off of one that a member made here and modified the colors based off of pics, if someone has an original I could borrow I can scan it and make them the material is thin enough to bend if you want to will not crack or break the image is...