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  1. Rebel426

    WANTED Looking for F/M body parts

    Admin, I accidentally put this in the cars instead of parts wanted section. Can you please delete or move? thanks!
  2. Rebel426

    WANTED Looking for F/M body parts

    I need some parts for a couple of my cars. I have a 79 Aspen that I need a replacement grill for thanks to some thieves busting it to get the hood open. I would like to find a M body cop car complete front suspension to eventually replace the slant 6 stuff in the Aspen. I am also looking for...
  3. Rebel426

    Trunk lid cracking

    We had several of these cars when I was growing up and I never saw that. I have an 88 Gran Fury AHB and there's still an 87 5th Ave and 79 LeBaron sitting behind the house that don't have that problem either.