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  1. picklesgarage

    latch/ car seat tethering system

    hoping this is the right area for this. to start its an 86 5th Ave. has anyone here added any of the "universal" tethering systems to their M body? my toddlers seat doesn't allow the center buckle to be in a place that isn't sticking into his back. he has out grown his rear facing bucket that...
  2. picklesgarage

    to iso clamp or not to iso clmp?

    so I know I have a problem with my iso clamps. cant seem to find replacements. seems like there is equal split as to people in favor of replace bushing and keep iso clamps and those who say to switch over to b body shock plates. I thought I read here that going to the b body style is going to...
  3. picklesgarage

    annoying leak

    so finally replaced my leaking power steering system. new pump, box, and supposed to be new lines. well the pressure line i got from rock was wrong, so ended up being able to reuse the old one for now. my problem is the adapter or outlet piece on the box for return keeps leaking. ive cleaned and...
  4. picklesgarage

    Lean burn delete. Wiring clean up

    So one of the prior owners either did or had done a delete. Should have made this a better running car but whoever did the wiring was a hack. And that is being nice. They used wire nuts and lamp cord to do this. And I'm thinking at this point the poor connections are causing my hard starts and...
  5. picklesgarage

    Vacuum solenoid

    After a lean burn conversion do these solenoids do anything? Can they be removed? I'm trying to clean up my engine bay so planing to remove the computer wiring and such. I also need to clean up the wiring for the conversion, it was kinda just hacked in here and can't seem to find a good wiring...
  6. picklesgarage

    2 barrel efi

    i know that efi has been suggested with more then one question about which carburetor to use but has anyone used this? Holley Sniper EFI 550-851K Holley Sniper EFI 2300 Self-Tuning Master Kit - Classic Gold Finish im guessing more the thought has been to use a four barrel variant. thoughts?
  7. picklesgarage

    trunk trim and spare tire

    86 5th Ave cleaning up the car since i have the time. didnt really do anything with the trunk when i first bought it so figured now was a good time. seems like im missing a bunch of trim most importantly the trim over the taillight wiring. also have no idea how the spare or at least the tools...
  8. picklesgarage

    Does anyone remember this ?

    So this is from the April 2002 Popular Hot Rodding. Was an idea section on remodeling some 80s cars. Loved this concept. Part of the reason i had always wanted one and why i bought the one i did. Does anyone know if anyone tried to follow this and build it as it was conceptualized?
  9. picklesgarage

    for those not running headers

    it seems the Canadian Y pipe is not easily attained these days. i'm also guessing the measurements of the pipe are the same 1 7/8s as the tail pipe. are there options not going to headers or is that the better option? its a stock 318 in an 86 5th ave with only plans for a 4 barrel swap. not...
  10. picklesgarage

    question about the 7.25

    yes I get it they are junk. everything I can find about them says the weak spots are the carrier bearings and spider gears in non posi's. is it worth the time/money/effort to bother upgrading one to be a posi and changing the gear set? seems like there are carriers and gears galore on ebay for...
  11. picklesgarage

    tail light socket wires

    i recently bought a new socket for the reverse lamp on my 86 5th ave. the problem i have is there is no wiring/wires with the socket. the ones in the car have been hacked and most likely the reason it doesnt work. does anyone know what the part number might be for the wires needed? the parts...
  12. picklesgarage

    Redhead steering box

    Has anyone used them or know of someone that has? I was recommended them from a co-worker. Said he has had less problems in his truck with it then another one with a borgeson unit. I was just going to use a unit from rockauto since they are cheap, but you get what you pay for. Thoughts?
  13. picklesgarage


    If I'm in the wrong spot sorry I'll move it to the right area if someone lets me know Any, what is everyone running for radiators? Just the rockauto/aftermarket ones? Is there a better performing one that fits?
  14. picklesgarage

    Sway bar bushings

    So finally getting some work going on the 5th. New tires, trans mount, have my rear brake parts and front sway bar bushings. Just removed the bar today to start. Figured I ask if anyone has any tips or tricks to make putting on the poly bushings easier. Figure it would make it easier to clean...
  15. picklesgarage

    firm feel fast ratio pitman arm

    Firmfeel Mopar Suspension and Steering so i know the ads says they work with and can be used with a stock box, but has anyone done this? is it worth it? i need to replace my box but the ones they offer are out of my range. was hoping this might be a good compromise on improving stock without...
  16. picklesgarage

    so pulled the trigger...

    so wife and I bought an 86 5th Ave the other weekend. body is in fantastic shape for a new england car, minus someone's attempt at buffing the trunk after the clear had peeled. the interior needs the headliner and pillar trims recovered but nothing major. the 318 has already been converted to...
  17. picklesgarage

    Introducing New Member: picklesgarage

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