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  1. Oldiron440

    Headers first

    I've always had headers as my first modification to my new project because evey mod after will be enhanced buy the headers but here is another reason it should be headers first. I had forgotten the ads for headers in the seventies pushing gas mileage, but they did...
  2. Oldiron440

    Flue shots, who gets them?

    For the last ten years I've gotten a shot but this time I got sick afterwards. I was told today that what I have I mild, BS four days of misery.
  3. Oldiron440

    A modified 6

    I get a kick from the opinions here that the slant 6 isn't worth modifying or even that a set of headers is a waste on a stock or mild build when for years they have been the first modification to a vehicle. So here's to fabricated formulas, 8.25 performance axles and things that aren't worth...
  4. Oldiron440

    Bad joke of the day!

    I didn't know where is to put this but I thought you would like this. So what do you think?
  5. Oldiron440

    NOS Mopar parts

    Recently the forum has been flooded with new members selling their parts, E bay sites and all. I would caution members buying parts that even in the eightys new parts for Fbodys were sketchy, the the bumper fillers and all flexable parts were seconds that didn't pass for the assembly line, most...
  6. Oldiron440

    This is shocking news from Chrysler..

    Here is something I find interesting.
  7. Oldiron440

    You're going to get a kick out of this!

    Random Car Review: The Dodge Magnums of Mexico
  8. Oldiron440

    440 source pricing is going up.

    440 source has said that as of 1/1/2019 there prices are going up 25 percent across their entire product line. So a $2200 stroker kit will be $2750. So if your thinking about one get it now.
  9. Oldiron440

    Happy Halloween

    I heard on the news today that there is a increase in pedestrian deaths of forty percent on this day. So please be safe in your travels this evening.
  10. Oldiron440

    77 Chrysler

    It's not mine and I have not seen it..... NICE!!!!1977 chrysler lebaron,2dr,84000 miles,318
  11. Oldiron440

    FOR SALE Explain this one!

    1976 Dodge Aspen w/ Nissan Diesel engine No it's not mine...
  12. Oldiron440

    Street racing is so cool, not.

    Here's a video that shows the calamity of street racing but in a way the dangers of hammering on your car from a stop light or leveing a car show etc.. The car that crashes has the stock 4 bolt axles with c clips like the 8.25 has. Note he has no safety gear, helmet, cage, seat belt. Things...
  13. Oldiron440

    Not mine but take a look

    1983 Dodge Mirada CMX SURVIVOR
  14. Oldiron440

    Everything you need for a carburetor

    There's a lot of good information here on the carburetor along with a good source for parts. Carburetor kits, parts and manuals
  15. Oldiron440

    Swapping 4 speeds and ODs

    Here is just about everything you need to know about this topic of swapping transmissions back and forth. Mopar Transmission Tech |
  16. Oldiron440

    More Chrysler history

    I found this interesting hopefully some of you do also. A brief history of Chrysler military work
  17. Oldiron440

    Chryslers first Hemi?

    Here is some interesting historical facts about the Hemi development. XIV-2220 Hemi V-16: first Chrysler engine with a Hemi head design
  18. Oldiron440

    Progress, Chrysler engine assembly line.

    I get a kick out of the crank protectors for installing piston/rods, they're fool proof.
  19. Oldiron440

    How much has changed in 40 years?

    Chrysler assembly line, transmissions.......
  20. Oldiron440

    FOR SALE Not mine, Super Coupe parts

    For Sale - Other Mopar / AMC Vehicles - 3rd Quarter | All Other Moparts / AMC | Moparts Forums There's got to be something here a member can use! They piss and mone that F body parts don't sell over there, the place is is full of mopar snobs, so go get em!
  21. Oldiron440

    FOR SALE Not mine, but it's cheap

    This was on moparts It's got one of those rare halo tops.
  22. Oldiron440

    Cams and combinations, food for thought.

    Over the years I have put together more than a few combinations that have worked well. I thought it would be nice to have a place that we could add builds, technical decision or opinions without getting into someone's build thread. I intend on sharing dyno sheets and build details on a 455 hp...
  23. Oldiron440

    This is cool!

    1977 mopar plymouth valare super stock And it's only 30k.
  24. Oldiron440

    FOR SALE 78 Volare not mine

    1978 Richard Petty Super Coupe RARE! It has seen better days.