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  1. Oldiron440

    Headers first

    I've always had headers as my first modification to my new project because evey mod after will be enhanced buy the headers but here is another reason it should be headers first. I had forgotten the ads for headers in the seventies pushing gas mileage, but they did...
  2. Oldiron440

    Engine mount gutting - is there an easy way?

    Through them in the campfire...
  3. Oldiron440

    A "bad" harmonic balancer

    There was a guy down my street when I was about 16 who had a Nova, 4 speed and a hole in his hood from a damper letting go...
  4. Oldiron440


    Never pay with family and friends, you have no recourse to get your money back.
  5. Oldiron440

    drag set up for my aspen

    From the cheap tricks bag, the first years racing the Volare I cut the spring straps off the rear of the springs and clamped the front. I also fabricated traction bars that used the lower spring/shock mount, the bars were long enough to hit the front spring eye. With only 500 hp it would pull...
  6. Oldiron440

    Rough idle...

    Basic compression test plug the egr valve.
  7. Oldiron440

    Mufflers and Exhaust

    I've always had two sets of pipes for my project cars, one set of turbo mufflers with turn downs and a set of race bullets with turn downs. It's nice to have a choice depending on what you're going to do with the car.
  8. Oldiron440

    this is what i'm busy with

    I'm curious what you have for a converter? They have a large part to do with the 60' times.
  9. Oldiron440

    drag set up for my aspen

    My above post should say leave the rear sway bar on the car... A sway bar is a large part of a drag car rear suspension. New aftermarket bars are available these help the front come up level, so Bud please quit saying saw bars on a dragcar are useless because it's not true.
  10. Oldiron440

    Amateur Hour

    The best mental notes for disassembly are photos on your smartphone...
  11. Oldiron440

    Frame rail repair

    As long as you don't get under the car...
  12. Oldiron440

    Random Pics

    No that's what the nitrous is for, give it a few hits an that turbo spools right up.
  13. Oldiron440

    408 Stroker build begins.

    The you need a cam that peeks around 6200 rpm, 250° duration @ 50 will get you in the ballpark, I stand with the 4500 stall converter...
  14. Oldiron440

    408 Stroker build begins.

    Better fill it with rock block...
  15. Oldiron440

    "k" car mechanics in phoenix,arizona?

    Nice ride, the k car saved Chysler from doom.
  16. Oldiron440

    "k" car mechanics in phoenix,arizona?

    Nobody admits to working on the k car, hell I didn't know there were any left.
  17. Oldiron440

    Hooker A,B,E, and F body headers

    Your going to need to change your name...
  18. Oldiron440

    Frame Ties 101

    The truth is that unless your car is making 500 + hp and torque and dead hooking a 4500 rpm launches at a dragstrip you probably don't need them. But like 500 says they will make the vehicle feel better when driving it. It's not how much power you have it's how much your hooking, this includes...
  19. Oldiron440

    408 Stroker build begins.

    There are plenty of speed/power calculators on the web but I use my old Moroso slide calculator. The idea is to go through the light's at or just after peek power. Keep in mind converter slip is 15 percent + or - so vehicle speed will be that much slower than with a manual transmission at the...
  20. Oldiron440

    408 Stroker build begins.

    I'd choose the gear by quarter mile top speed if your going to run it.
  21. Oldiron440


    A built 904 will handle all of what your 318 can put out. The 727 will have more parasitic power loss than a 904.
  22. Oldiron440

    this is what i'm busy with

    Sounds like fun!
  23. Oldiron440

    408 Stroker build begins.

    More stall, 4500 - 5000
  24. Oldiron440

    Random Pics

    Couple of years ago was the last time I saw one at auction and they were struggling to get to 100k.
  25. Oldiron440

    Random Pics

    Good luck, you can buy rot for a hole lot less. Lol