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  1. RonTheAnnouncer

    New to site . Here my 76 volare

    I love the paint, it's always been one of my favorite Mopar colors.
  2. RonTheAnnouncer

    FNG on FMJ

    My other name I've used is iraceslowcars. I actually went to the World Footbrake Challenge in Bristol this year and raced my 2013 Chevy Spark dialed 12.90s/13.00s in the 1/8 against a bunch of much faster cars. I did way better than I thought I would.
  3. RonTheAnnouncer

    FNG on FMJ

    My 78 2 Door Aspen ran high 18s/low 19s in the 1/4. I got pretty good with it until I decided to take a job as full time announcer for a few years at Norwalk. I do miss that car, but it was pretty rotted 25 years ago, lol.
  4. RonTheAnnouncer

    FNG on FMJ

    Good day all! I bought my first F body about 30 years ago, and bought another a few years later, but had been out of the game quite a while. I picked up this slant six powered beast up late last year. While a little rough around the edges, its actually pretty nice for a 44 year old Ohio car...