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  1. Ele115

    Paging Bud W. - 1/25 Scale model kit

    Bud, thought you might want hook your eyeballs on this critter: Volare Wagon Model car body conversion
  2. Ele115

    My Spare AMC Rally wheels. Discard them or use them?

    These are from my vast AMC horde. Normally, they would go to the Hyundai foundry but these are getting very hard to find so I sandblasted them and acid dipped them. They do fit Chrysler but are 14 inch, so they were never very popular wheels. They are going on one of my Aspens. I was looking for...
  3. Ele115

    440 Six Pack Diplomat Wagon FS (Not mine)

    25 Grand. Maybe get rid of the government cheese wheels. 25K is Not much money in todays economy. Anybody know more about this car? "This car was built back in the early 80's by gentleman named Bob Klopp which was the original owner of this Diplomat. Was in Mopar Action Magazine in Feb 1991...
  4. Ele115

    Hyundai Santa Fe. - Is this Normal?

    Had to go out West for a week and they gave me a choice of rentals, Hyundai or Buick something. He said Hyundai would be better on gas which I knew would be false but I wanted to experience the Korean stuff. The trunk was not bad at all. This was Vegas, but I had to go way out in the desert, so...
  5. Ele115

    Clips and Fasteners

    Not really a horror story, or an "I can't find it anywhere" story, not this time. On the 1st of January I went out in the shop to put the dash back together in an old Volvo I have had for years. I got close to the finish line and one of the little 7mm screw anchor clips broke. I put everything...
  6. Ele115

    413 in a 88 Gran Fury

    It's in and it runs, but last time I did this swap I didn't write very much down, other than a few part numbers and prices. What little I kept track of is on my wife's old laptop. It overheats if it idles a long time and needs a radiator. I think I used a pickup radiator but I really don't...
  7. Ele115

    Down to bare metal -- Surface rust

    People have been mentioning bare metal and how to address it. Of course, there are going to be 2,342,782 different "right ways" to do it. I have a way that has worked for me for years. My 78 has the original paint, but rain dripped onto it and got through the paint. This paint may look good...
  8. Ele115

    Does this seem right?

    Look at the orange needle. Would you consider it OK? I have an NOS replacement, just don't know it it's worth bothering with
  9. Ele115

    Introducing New Member: Ele115

    Retired, enjoying cars. Location: Tampa FL