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  1. 88_AHB

    Headliner Color Selection

    Hey everyone, Was looking to see if anyone else here had the same color interior as my car does? I was mainly curious to see if the headliner's fabric is the same color, as the rest of the interior pieces or lighter/darker. I didn't want to go with something that would look off or incorrect...
  2. 88_AHB

    FOR SALE M - body dash pad

    Have a M body dash pad in good shape. Bought it a few years ago, doesn't quite match my the interior on my 88. Willing to ship at buyers expense. Message for any questions etc. $100
  3. 88_AHB

    A904 vs A999 vs A500

    Hey guys, Have been tossing around the idea of switching things up with rear end gearing and possibly a trans swap. I've done some research on these three transmissions. Right now in my 88 have either a 2.73 or 2.90 gear with a mild 318/904 2500 stall with a 225.70.15 tire. I've read some posts...
  4. 88_AHB

    Ring and pinion 8.25

    Hey everyone, I’ve been looking around for a good quality ring and pinion set for my 8.25. I’ve found that just about all the companies out there are made overseas. Also that some companies are owned by another. Anyone here had good luck with a certain company? Prefer a U.S. made product and...
  5. 88_AHB

    8 1/4 Trac Lok rebuild

    Hey everyone, I've decided it's time to rebuild my 8 1/4 in my 88. I popped open the cover only to find it has a open diff,thought being a AHB car it would most likely have a suregrip. Anyways I acquired a Trac Lok carrier out of a 96 Dakota. My question is, are the Trac lok carriers rebuild...
  6. 88_AHB

    Headliner repair

    Hey everyone, I was able to track down a headliner for my dippy out of a 5th ave. Of course the headliner fabric was drooping so it was removed.When I removed all the trim pieces and sun visors, the corners where the visors mount became a bit brittle and were stuck between the fabric. I was...
  7. 88_AHB

    Gas gauge not working

    Hey everyone, I was trying to diagnose what might be causing my gas gauge to not work. Ever since I received the car my 88 dippy,the gauge has not worked. I had to drop the gas tank months back and replaced the pickup and sending unit. After this the gauge still hasn't functioned. Is there a...
  8. 88_AHB

    Exhaust manifold leak

    Hey everyone, Have a different situation with my newly acquired exhaust manifolds on my 318. So I switched over from headers to manifolds. Installed a set of M body manifolds w/AIR,both ends on the manifolds have been capped off for emissions etc. Now I take it down to the exhaust shop after...
  9. 88_AHB

    SOLD Hedman full length ceramic coated headers

    Hey everyone, Got a pair of headman full length ceramic coated headers. Part # 78056 for small block LA motors,they should fit many models and years of mopar. Bought these new a year or so ago decided to switch back to manifolds. They do have scratches,scrapes (mainly happened when installing...
  10. 88_AHB

    Holley accelerator pump

    Hey everyone, I was looking around under the hood and noticed my accelerator pump arm is barely catching. I haven't had any issues as far as performance etc. There seems to be very little slack between the arm,I haven't ran a feeler gauge under it to check but it seems odd being this far off...
  11. 88_AHB

    PCV issue

    Hey all, My pcv was making a odd noise lately like a chattering noise that's intermittent. Replaced it with a new pcv valve, still makes the same noise. Would this perhaps be consistent of a vacuum leak or something coming from the port off of the carb to make this noise? I could try and get a...
  12. 88_AHB

    WANTED Exhaust Manifolds

    Hey everyone, Looking for a set of good exhaust manifolds for a M body. Hoping someone has a set laying around that don’t need them anymore. Thanks
  13. 88_AHB

    WANTED M - Body Headliner

    Hey everyone, Looking for a M body a decent headliner for my 88. Not sure if something of this size would be expensive or able to ship,but I'am in need of one.Thanks
  14. 88_AHB

    Wiper Arm Pressure

    Hey guys, This one is a little hard to explain so bear with me. So a few months back I replaced my wiper linkage bushings.Everything as far as that is working fine now.. Recently started to notice the driver side arm doesn't seem to wipe the same(poorly) brand new blades. So I pulled back the...
  15. 88_AHB

    FOR SALE Brake booster assembly - Free

    Hey everyone, Found this in a box of parts that I did not need with my car. Thought someone could use this,I believe is a brake booster/pedal assembly. I'm sure there's a correct name for it but its free to whom ever could use it.Thanks
  16. 88_AHB

    WANTED 8.25 Sure grip

    Looking for a sure grip 8.25 diff (carrier), ok if it needs a rebuild,clutches etc. Thanks
  17. 88_AHB

    Kickdown adjustment

    Hey everyone, Was curious if anyone on here is running this kickdown setup from bouchillon performance Resources: Kickdown Cable Installation Instructions - Bouchillon Performance Engineering . Was wondering if the kickdown adjustment/process was the same as any other setup? Or different.
  18. 88_AHB

    SOLD Accel Billet Distributor Free

    Got a accel billet distributor,came with the car in a box of parts. I already had another distributor when I dropped the 318 LA in the car. I don't have a need for this one, never ran this one so can't say for certain its good or best for parts? I know that they don't make this distributor...
  19. 88_AHB

    Fuel Injection or Carburetion ?

    Hey everyone, I know this is a age old debate of fuel injection vs carburetion.Anyways I've been pondering of switching to fuel injection.I've searched around and done some reading on a few systems that seem fairly easily to install/operate.I've mainly been looking at Holley sniper and Fitech...
  20. 88_AHB

    Uncle Tonys Garage

    Hey guys, Just wondering if or how many of you have seen uncle tony's garage on youtube? Just found him a few days ago and is a solid dude. Informative and funny at times.Though to share enjoy. Uncle Tony's Garage
  21. 88_AHB

    Headlight issues

    Hey everyone, Have a issue with my headlights. I don't know how they were before I got this car but, until recently I've only driven the car in the day and didn't worry about these yet.Pictures explain my issue.I'm guessing a bad ground or something else? I did have two bad headlights so I went...
  22. 88_AHB

    Wiper Linkage Bushing

    Hey everyone, I'm sure you all can guess where this is going by the title of the thread.. Anyways, the bushing on the wiper arm gave way. I've been doing some searching on here,some say take the whole linkage out and reassemble with all new bushings making life MUCH easier? Some say leave...
  23. 88_AHB

    WANTED Transmission line bracket

    Hey all, Looking for the bracket that holds the transmission cooler lines at the front of the engine. It utilizes 2 bolt holes on the front of the block (318) beneath the power steering pump. I dont have it so I cant provide a picture for reference, I'll try to search the interwebs for a pic...
  24. 88_AHB

    SOLD Transmission line bracket

    Hey all, Looking for the bracket that holds the transmission cooler lines at the front of the engine. It utilizes 2 bolt holes on the front of the block (318) beneath the power steering pump. I dont have it so I cant provide a picture for reference, I'll try to search the interwebs for a pic...
  25. 88_AHB

    FOR SALE M-Body dashpads

    Hey all, These are not mine! Thought to share,I did buy one of the Tan ones and its in good shape for its age.Figured some M body guys might need one.1980-1989 Plymouth Fury/Dodge Diplomat/Chrysler Fifth Avenue Dash Pads