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  1. Aspen500

    this is what i'm busy with

    My internet strikes again,,,,,,,,,,,darn video won't play :(
  2. Aspen500

    glove box lock

    I didn't come up with anything different that what's been posted before, sorry.
  3. Aspen500

    glove box lock

    Hmmmmm. I'll try to do a little looking this evening and see if I can come up with something for you.
  4. Aspen500

    408 Stroker build begins.

    Just dawned on me the pushrod cups int he rockers don't have oil holes, which would allow oil to get to the pivots. I was going to suggest PRW stainless alloy rocker set up. Less than HS but still $600+. I've got them on my BB and they work great (and also are a shame to hide them under a...
  5. Aspen500

    Trunk light

    All you need to do is attach it to the deck lid, route the wire and plug it in. The switch is internal to the lamp assy so it comes on when the lid is opened.
  6. Aspen500

    Brake pressure

    What can happen to the hoses is, the inner liner delaminates and makes basically a flap or one way valve. Usually it only affects brake pressure release but it can cause a fluid restriction when trying to bleed the brakes. As a test if you feel a drag on the fronts, loosen the nuts holding the...
  7. Aspen500

    Seat track modification in F wagon?

    I'm not that big and tall (5' 10", 130 lbs) but still feel like I'm too close and the seat is as far back as it will go. Year One has these: 1966-74 A B E-Body Universal Seat Relocation Brackets
  8. Aspen500

    The FMJ Weather Channel

    Hey, I didn't mean for you to send it this way! lol Not even 8:30 and it's 79 with 81% humidity. SO glad I brought my fan to work today.
  9. Aspen500

    eBag - F-body wagon tail weatherstrip

    I think that one has been on the bag for a long time, if it's the one I'm remembering.
  10. Aspen500

    Oil pressure gauge and warning light

    I second that suggestion. It'd look a lot cleaner also.
  11. Aspen500

    Oil pressure gauge and warning light

    As long as the pieces are 1/8-27 NPT, it should be fine with the teflon tape, or teflon paste, whichever you prefer.
  12. Aspen500

    Random Pics

    Same here! In fact we got busier than ever when the shamdemic started and hasn't slowed down since.
  13. Aspen500

    The FMJ Weather Channel

    Yep, 94 yesterday and about the same for today. So far, the humidity is low so it's not too bad but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,starting tomorrow, just in time to go back to work, supposed to get humid and sticky. Good to know you're still around Captain! Long time no, well you know. :cool:
  14. Aspen500

    Transmission mount advice.

    All mine said on the box was "Carquest". Who actually made the part, no idea.
  15. Aspen500

    M bodys etc are so hard to change oil filter

    I worked at an Audi dealer for 6 years and know your pain well. Best thing I've ever done was to GTFO of there!
  16. Aspen500

    M bodys etc are so hard to change oil filter

    Change the filter on the current RAM 2500/3500 trucks with the Cummins diesel and you will think your M-body is just fine, if you don't go insane changing the Cummins one firsto_O
  17. Aspen500

    Chrome around the windows

    Disregard anything I said above. Found the one I remember seeing. Seems the trim is pressed onto the window frame. It's the last post in this thread
  18. Aspen500

    Chrome around the windows

    From what I see in the (1979) parts catalog, the trim is the same for F-body and Diplomat sedan but there's a different p/n for LeBaron (front and rear doors). Also rear door trim has different p/n's for F-body wagon vs sedan. Front door same for sedan and wagon.
  19. Aspen500

    NOS mopar 100 amp alt.... Under $100 Shipped.

    Just need a parts store staffed by people that know their business AND know cars plus, know how to look up the parts. Luckily, the Advanced store next door to work has 4 guys like that. NAPA across town is really good also. Then there's the O'Reilly store a couple blocks away from the...
  20. Aspen500

    Random Pics

    Mine is fixed, there is no half staff. It's mounted to the house on a non-tangle flag pole, and hangs at an angle. Got it from Annin Flagmakers. We're not allowed to mount anything to the telephone poles here, not even rummage sale signs. Doubt they'd say anything about an American flag but...
  21. Aspen500

    M-Body wire wheel covers interchange

    About the winter tires. My Dakota is used mostly only in winter and it's always had dedicated winter tires. Back when it was driven all year, I switched back and forth. Anyways, I wouldn't be caught dead in the snow and ice without the Blizzak's, or currently Firestone Winterforce. Actually...
  22. Aspen500

    The Cherry Bomb's new look

    I've had a couple cars with no headliner, or had only the remnants of a headliner, and when I put a good one in, it made all the difference in the world.
  23. Aspen500

    Random Pics

    Got mine flying, as it ALWAYS is, everyday, day and night (lighted). Same as pretty much every other house on my street, especially today.
  24. Aspen500

    Chrome around the windows

    Yes it can be removed, not sure how it comes off though.
  25. Aspen500

    FOR SALE Heater core seal

    I'm not positive but I think only heater cores on A/C cars have the big seal like that. Heat only doesn't. Can't recall what type seal, if any, heat only uses. Maybe a thin foam around the perimeter(?)