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    8.25" Restoration Video on Youtube

    I was on Youtube earlier tonight looking at some subjects of interest (not automotive related), and this video popped up in the recommended videos: There isn't much narration, but it is fairly easy to follow along. This was a straight restoration of an 8.25" rear end, stock to stock, so no...
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    I ran into this tonight

    Hi, I saw this in the parking lot of a charity function I was at. I haven't seen a lot of white 5th. Avenues around (I am a J Body owner), and I took a few pictures. Car was in great shape, no signs of rust anywhere. Not being very familiar with the M bodies, I don't know if the crystal...
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    Valve cover gaskets for cast aluminum valve covers with "notches"

    I have two pairs of the old MT cast aluminum valve covers. These valve covers have "notches" in the outer gasket rail (see pictures below). At some time in the past, I know gaskets were made with "tabs" that git into these "notches". Does anybody know if the are still being made, and if not, are...
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    Another oddball question-What temporary spare for a Mirada?

    Hi, Looking at the trunk of the Mirada, its pretty fair sized, before the full sized spare tire is put in. A lot of space gets used up by that spare. Is there a temporary/compact spare tire that can be used with our cars? I know that there was one from the factory, but it was not the skinny...
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    Car Wash Question, maybe a little Strange

    Hi, My 1981 Mirada CMX is red with a white vinyl top. I got the car used, and I have always assumed that the black spots on the trunk lid and hood (pretty much all of the horizontal surfaces) were surface rust spots, and when money allowed, I would get the bodywork done. I found out, just by...
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    What Wheels are these?

    Hi, Looking at getting a set of wheels that are supposed to be for Mopars. I THINK they are from the 1978-1979 Magnums (XE or GT). I would like to have confirmation, if possible, and an idea if the center for these are available. Picture of wheel is: They are supposed to by 15" X 8" on...
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    More Adventures in Polishing out wheels

    I have posted some pictures of the 5 on 5 wheels that I have started to clean up and polish out in a previous post. That is on-going, and I will finish the 5 on 5 that I have started, but I am awaiting the arrival of some Micro-Mesh sanding pads before I can continue to work out my process...
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    5 on 5 wheel experiment

    I had promised this a long, long time ago, but finally got to it. I have just abrasive blasted one of my 5 on 5 wheels, and I have some pictures. This came out of a few missteps, and some research. My first stab at this was to try to remove the factory wheel paint using aircraft stripper...
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    Sorry, but I have some questions about the late B Body Dodge Magnum

    Hello: I would like to get an opinion, and some information regarding the 1979 Magnums. Sorry if this is inappropriate, but this is the model that the Mirada replaced, even though that is pretty much the only thing they have to do with each other. There are two that I can get to that are for...
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    Are these the correct wheels for our cars, or did they make them for FWD as well?

    Hi, Ran into this ad in the local Kijiji. Are these the wheels that were available for the RWD cars (as in the 5 X 4.5" bolt circle), or did they make them for the FWD cars as well (like the Dynastys and FWD New Yorkers/Imperials of the early 1990s)...
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    Getting in Touch with Dave the TQ expert at Demonsizller

    Hi, I have tried to send off an email to Dave at Demonsizzler (address: and I am getting this as a bounce back message: Technical details of temporary failure: DNS Error: Domain name not found Does anybody know of a valid email address for Dave the TQ...
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    Magnum XE body for sale on Alberta Kijiji

    Not really a J Body, but sort of the spiritual ancestor of the Mirada, there is a Dodge Magnum XE body (listing says no engine/transmission) up for sale. ALso says white leather interior. See...
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    Mostly intact Frear End Caps for Cordoba, and other Fender plastics

    Hi, This a 1982 Cordoba at the local pick and pull. I took a set of LA headers from this, along with a grille. The rear fender caps are flexible to the touch. Just wanted to know if there is any interest before this goes to the crusher. The tail lights and the other plastics in the rear are...
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    Tubular Exhause Header Refurb, How, and is it worth it?

    Hi, In my recent encounter with a pick and pull 1982 Cordoba, a header set was left behind. I took a chance after inspecting them for leaks, and now have them home. They are, of course, rusted. They do have dents on the passenger side (I assume for clearance), but are pretty decent looking...
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    Cordoba and Mirada rear bumpers Interchange?

    Hi, I just anted to ask if anybody knows whether the rear bumpers on a Cordoba and a Mirada are interchangeable? I the local pick and pull has a 1982 Cordoba with a fairly good rear bumper, and I would like to put it onto my 1981 Mirada CMX. I know the red bumper guards and rub strips will...
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    Gasoline, or a reasonable facsmile there of.

    I will ask they guys at work regarding ethanol blending in Canada, or at least the western half of the country. They deal with the refineries all the time, so they either would know, or would be able to find out in short order. I'll let you know what I find out. I have no doubt that some of the...
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    Mopar Ignition Boxes and General Ignition Questions

    Hi, I am putting together the parts to convert over from the ESA/Lean Burn ignition system to the older, mechanical/vacuum advance style ignition. I have one old style electronic distributor, which I may end up rebuilding, or just go with a new A-1 Cardone equivalent, and not have to rebuild...
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    Starter Drives for 1981 318-4V/BBL

    Hi, My 1981 Mirada CMX needs a new starter drive (what some people call a Bendix). Looking at the Rock Auto page under this car, 5.2L, electrical, shows 2 drives, one with a 7 inch spline, 3.5:1 gear ratio, and one with a 12 inch spline, 2:1 gear ratio. When I look at the application data for...
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    Mirada/Cordoba Interiors

    Hi, I am trying to plan some things out for the spring. One of the things that I want to plan out is the stereos for my 2 J bodies. The 1980 Cordoba has an AM/FM stereo only (no tape player), and the 1981 CMX has an AM/FM Stereo cassette with the rear amplifier (rear amplifier works). The...
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    1981 Carbriolet (Fake Convertible roof questions

    My 1981 Mirada CMX has the standard cabriolet (I think that's the right term for the fake convertible) roof. It is mostly in excellent shape, somewhat dirty, but otherwise no holes or splits anywhere. The edging on the outside edge of the roof has let go, and I would like to try to have just the...
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    Spark Plug recommendations for 1980/81 Cordoba/Mirada 318-4BBL

    Just wanted opinions on the right plugs to use with the 2 J bodies that I have. The plug that is called out is a Champion RN-14YC (going from memory here, so that may not be correct) in the owner's manual. Is there any advantage, on our carburated cars to use anything else? I know the iridium...
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    Choke for a 1981 Mirada 318-4BBL

    The thread entitled "Chole for a 1981 Mirada 318-4BBL" should have read "Choke for a 1981 Mirada 318-4BBL". I went back to try and correct it, but can't seem to edit thread title. Kostas
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    Chole for a 1981 Mirada 318-4BBL

    Hi, I brought home a 1982 Mirada CMX yesterday. While in generally good shape, it is missing its choke rod, the one that goes between the themal or hot air choke on the side of the intake manifold and the thermoquad carburetor. Does anybody know a part number for it and a source, or a part...
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    Rocker Panel Trim on 1980 Cordoba.

    Hi, I would like to know if the rocker panel trim on a 1980 is aluminium, or some other metal? It appears to be alumium to me, but I want to make sure before I start trying to clean/polish it? is the trim that is on the door the same metal as the trim that is on the body the same metal? Kostas
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    6 cylinder Console Shifter vs. V-8 Column Shifter for Miradas

    Hi, I may be getting a Mirada parts car to help get my own Mirada up and running. A major reason for getting the 6 Cylinder parts car is the interior; it is a bucket seat car with console vs. a 60/40 split bench like my car is. My car is a column shift. I would like to know if the...