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    M Body Crossover pipe w/ catalysts (resonators)

    Well, the cats are gone!!! It's amazing what you can do with a cut-ff wheel and a mig Eventually I think I'm going to put a set of duals on the Fifth Ave., with a set of tubes off the block if I can squeeze them in. I saw a video on here somewhere, where a guy had a set of tube...
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    M Body Crossover pipe w/ catalysts (resonators)

    Well, today I cut the crossover pipe off of an old '84 fifth ave., that was destined to go to the scrapyard, after I completely "stripped" it of everything I wanted to hang on to. In doing so, I got a real good view of what I was dealing with, with my '87. These 2 mutations, (as I like to refer...
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    If anyone needs parts in Florida

    If they scrapped the title on this car already, you'd have to get a reconstructed title for it through the Fla. DMV., that's IF the car is even still there at this point.
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    Can I put the air assisted shocks in the back of my '88 5th?

    If the springs on your car are weak, you can get a good set from a salvage yard, or buy them new at a whole bunch of places on the web. As far as air shocks are concerned, I run them on every vehicle I have. I love the firmness they give to the feel in the wheel, and they give the vehicle just...
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    M Body Crossover pipe w/ catalysts (resonators)

    As far as emissions regulations are concerned, once a car in the state of Pa., reaches 30 years old or older, smog and pollution controls, (emissions), no longer have to be maintained. There is a main catalytic converter further underneath the car, ahead of the muffler, that will be kept. It's...