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  1. The Director

    Gas Mileage on a Run

    So, a few days back, I took a 131.15 mile round trip. (I know, absurdly precise, but it was imperative for the math behind this.) I went from Jersey to Pennsylvania, mostly using County Roads in Jersey on the way out, and there were a few 25 mph zones and some red lights along the way. On the...
  2. The Director

    Thermoquad on a 318?

    Well, this may sound stupid, or it may actually have been done before, but since I'm curious, here goes: I found a 4 bbl carburetor in my locker in the garage that went on a 1982 Dodge Travco Motorhome we used to have. (A 440 powered that thing.) Anyway, I was flirting with the idea of seeing...
  3. The Director

    Rattle Can Paintjob

    My '88 Fifth Avenue is decent in shape, except for the paint. (I was selling it before, but I decided to keep it, so some of you may have seen it on Craigslist before.) The hood is the worst, followed by the roof, and then the tops of the front fenders. It's still on the original paint, and 30...
  4. The Director

    SOLD '88 Fifth Avenue

    It's been fun with this Fifth Avenue, but I don't really have the time right now to do work on it, and I'm thinking it's time to give it a chance somewhere else. It's got a black exterior, and a red velvet interior. The issues you may ask? Well, it's got faded paint, and I did fix the blower...
  5. The Director

    85 Fifth Avenue in South Jersey

    I stumbled across this 1985 Fifth Avenue on Craigslist not too long ago. Just one picture to it, so it's hard to judge the condition. Figure I'd put it here in case anyone might be trying to find one. 1985 Chrysler 5th Ave
  6. The Director

    Introducing New Member: The Director

    A "Mopar or No-car" enthusiast, although I do like GMs. I like car mechanic work, and learning about it on an M-Body. I also do film and photography as a hobby. Location: New Jersey