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  1. old yellow 78

    '77 Aspen T-top in the junkyard

    I've never seen an example of the headliner in question, but that doesn't mean it doesn't/didn't exist. Mopar, particularly in the years the F's were made, had so many weird combinations that I wonder if this may have been a rare option. If so, it was a nice one. For example, my original '76...
  2. old yellow 78

    FOR SALE 81 wagon

    Wow, that's too bad. Your wagon is so nice, you should try to hang on to it if at all possible. If not, I hope you can find it a good home.
  3. old yellow 78

    New Super Coupe owner in Minnesota/Wisconsin

    Congrats on your find! Not a lot of the SC's around anymore, and it's a shame that someone let this one go for so long. Amazing that anyone could let it sit for so long. I hope it's salvageable, but then I suppose anything is if you really want it to be. Welcome!
  4. old yellow 78

    New Diplomat owner

    That's a beautiful coupe! Nice colors and is looks like it is in really nice shape! Is the interior cloth or leather? What options does it have? More pictures are always appreciated. Welcome!
  5. old yellow 78

    New Volare Mom

    This is also very handy if you want to work on and understand your Volare. It's the factory parts catalog, and has very useful exploded views and parts numbers for just about every part on your car. 1978 DODGE PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER CAR PARTS CATALOG / ORIGINAL MOPAR PARTS BOOK | eBay Again, you...
  6. old yellow 78

    New Volare Mom

    Welcome! Cool car, and great that it is a four door! I really like them - great porportions to their design. Looks like a Premier with at least the light package option and does it have a vinyl roof? Love the black paint. What color is the interior? I have both the factory service manuals...
  7. old yellow 78

    OY's second cousin, once removed.

    There is currently a '78 Volare wagon on eBay that is somewhat similar to my Aspen: "Old Yellow" (OY). Same one-year-only color of "Classic Cream" and it also has the cool upgraded plaid interior. Unlike OY, it has a 360 four barrel, automatic, and is for sale. This Volare is an interesting...
  8. old yellow 78

    Out with the Ford, in with the Dodge

    Had to be careful not to slice my leg open getting in and out. Even the doors were rusting away from the inside. I had resealed the back window once, but it still leaked like a sieve and the plastic storage bins behind the seat were always filled with water after it rained.
  9. old yellow 78

    Out with the Ford, in with the Dodge

    Yeah, but dents vs rust is a no-brainer for me. You are right, I had a good time trying to find a decent tailgate and bumper for it. This burned out '03 had the best ones I found. Nothing else much good was left on it. My Ford looked good, but the rust underneath was awful. I sold it for...
  10. old yellow 78

    Greetings from Indiana!

    Very cool! Keep posting with pictures!! Welcome!
  11. old yellow 78

    Out with the Ford, in with the Dodge

    I have not had good luck with any of the Fords that I have owned: An '82 Escort wagon 5 speed that was fun to drive but a POS mechanically; a '93 Taurus that was absolutely the worst car I have ever owned, a '99 Windstar van that was fine until 100K and then developed a dangerously rusted rear...
  12. old yellow 78

    Out with the Ford, in with the Dodge

    Earlier this year, I replaced my 2000 F150 with a 2002 Ram 1500. Although my F150 still ran fine, it was rusting away and I did not want to put more $$ into it. I found the Ram for sale on the front lawn of a house near me and found that it was just what I was looking for. A standard cab, 8...
  13. old yellow 78

    Headers first

    I've owned three 318's in cars over the years. One a 1970, one a 1974, and one a 1987. All were excellent engines which gave me no trouble and performed well with both good power and good economy. I never altured them from stock. I also had a 1970 383 which was very powerful, but also...
  14. old yellow 78

    WANTED Small parts wanted

    That's just nuts. Your best bet might be the parts vender area of a car show like Chryslers @ Carlisle.
  15. old yellow 78

    Expensive parts

    Yes, that was one of the items that I saw that inspired me to write the post. I bought an extremely nice "almost" NOS '78 Aspen grille (still in the box, but had been installed briefly on an Aspen) a few years ago for what is now a very low price. I have yet to put it on OY because: 1) I have...
  16. old yellow 78

    Headers first

    Well written AJ/FormS. Makes sense to me and I'm not even a mechanic. That must have taken some time to put all that info down. Thanks.
  17. old yellow 78

    OY pics and plans

    Looks pretty close to original. Still, nerve-racking to drill holes in my door!
  18. old yellow 78

    Expensive parts

    I was just looking around on eBay for F body parts. Not that I need anything, but just looking. It struck me how expensive both NOS and even used parts have become for Aspens and Volares. Hundreds of dollars for some things. There also doesn't seem to be as many parts listed as there used to...
  19. old yellow 78

    Ready to cruise

    Also wanted to say that I suspect your wagon is a fairly rare find. I don't recall seeing any other post 80's M WAGON for a LONG time. Seems like the '78's and '79's are more often found. I'm not sure, but isn't '81 the last year for the M body wagons? Regardless, yours is a great example...
  20. old yellow 78

    1979 Aspen 2DR /6 in DE

    This car needed some other work done before the paint. The roof looks rough under that vinyl. I wouldn't say that a car is "turn key" if the brake pedal has to be manually pulled back up to release the brakes. Seems like it was simply just painted, not a "mild restoration". Too bad, could...
  21. old yellow 78

    Ready to cruise

    Interesting history. You were lucky to find this one. Usually survivors have some sort of unusual history to them.
  22. old yellow 78

    Ready to cruise

    That's a really beautiful wagon! The burgundy paint and wood sides look great together. What's the history of the wagon if you know?